Alter-Egos 6: “Sensual Punishment” is out now!

Alter-egos 6_Sensual Punishment

It’s been a long hiatus for the DJing Dominatrix, Ms Nina Payne, but she has finally come out of retirement to share her latest sexy mix with the world. Domi Dollz presents Alter-Egos 6: “Sensual Punishment.”

Nina Payne began her DJing career in NYC in the late 90′s, which eventually led her to live in Tokyo, Japan. It was here that she was introduced to the kink scene, hired to DJ Tokyo’s most exclusive and secret fetish parties. Through these fetish parties she learned about kink and the people who loved it. Throughout the years, Nina Payne has had the pleasure of DJing fetish parties and clubs all over the world.

Now, after a 3 year break, and with her kinky roots in mind, she brings us this new mix to play when you are ready to turn down the lights, and turn up the heat. ;)


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