The Book: Kisses to Kink

Kisses to Kink book

Kisses to Kink: A Dominatrix’s Guide to Great Sex

by Nina Payne with Mona Rogers & Domi Dollz

Our head kink educators, Nina Payne and Mona Rogers, have written their first book called “Kisses to Kink.” This eBook brings every element of Domi Dollz world-renowned workshops and events into one book for the public to experience in the privacy of their own home. Kisses to Kink is a book for the woman and man looking to enhance their love and sex life through kink. Complete with photography and video tutorials performed by members of Domi Dollz. Kisses to Kink is set to be released May 2013.

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Kisses to Kink is an introduction into kink and explores everything from communication, psychology, and safety to specific techniques like spanking, bondage and role-playing. This book has been designed to inspire the reader and to help direct her or him to discovering what works best for that individual.

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