“If variety is the spice of life, kink is the spice of sex!” ~ Domi Dollz

Who We Are

Kimi Inch (Ms. Nina Payne)

Founder and CEO of Domi Dollz, she began her journey with the kink scene in 2001.  With over a decade of experience as both participant and organizer in cities all over the world, including London, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Canada, Hong Kong and Tokyo, she has devoted her time to educating women about how kink can strengthen their self-confidence and relationships.

While she worked in varied fields such as fashion, music, and entertainment, her interest grew along with her exposure to kink. Naturally, this took her beyond the entertainment aspect and in 2005 she began holding seminars and intensive training programs.

Domi Dollz is a natural progression to her career and arose from the founder’s desire to highlight aspects of kink in a fun and positive fashion. She has been interviewed by Time Out NY, BlackBook Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and has lectured at Princeton University.

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Ms. Mona Rogers

Ms Rogers is a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix.  She has been experimenting with kink since she was a teenager and has been a fixture in the pro scene since 2007.  Counting Ms. Nina Payne as one of her first mentors, she has also had the opportunity to hone her skills and understanding of kink with some of the most respected players in NY and LA.  Throughout the years of her exploration she has become deeply in touch with her kinky side and enjoys being able to share her love for her art through multiple avenues such as workshops with the Domi Dollz, one on one lessons, and D/s couples counseling.

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Domi Dollz Community

Kimi Inch, Mona Rogers and fellow Domi Dollz members involved in this project are excited to be the forerunners in bringing this special brand to the mainstream. The women and men of Domi Dollz come from varied backgrounds and are pursuing many different careers from fetish models, dominatrices, burlesque performers, and fetish party promoters to DJs, yoga instructors, lawyers and entrepreneurs. All these women and men embrace their sensuality, open-mindedness and celebrate kink as a positive. Check out the Dollz section to learn more about our gorgeous supporters and to see our favorite picks from “Domi Dollz of the Month.”

Please note, the ladies featured on this site are supporters of Domi Dollz and are only available for events and workshops.

What We Do

Domi Dollz brings kink out of the dungeon and into the limelight by revamping and elevating its core concepts in a daring and fun manner.  The goal of Domi Dollz is to educate, entertain, and empower women through a variety of mediums including workshops, events, fashion and music.  Domi Dollz vision is to create a world that is open to exploring sensuality and fantasies without judgement.

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Where Are Domi Dollz

While Domi Dollz is originally from New York City, Domi Dollz is always touring the world as our number of members continue to grow.

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