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” ‘Kisses to Kink’ helps perfect the art of kink, even for the most vanilla of partners.’ ” –

This week Jillian Lucas from reviewed our instructional book “Kisses to Kink: A Dominatrix’s Guide To Great Sex.” In this article she states:

Kisses to Kink: A Dominatrix’s Guide to Great Sex aims to bring kink into the bedrooms of anyone with kinky curiosities, and does so with a level of class and educational prowess. Ms. Nina Payne and Ms. Mona Rogers, with the help of DomiDollz, put together these how-to videos to aid in your sexual exploration of all things kinky. Now go have some fun.”

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“Fifty Shades of Kink” workshop on Feb 27th w/ AHAnoir



How About We is currently selling tickets to learn techniques to “Fifty Shades of Kink” presented by Domi Dollz and hosted by AHAnoir. Enhance your connection with your lover at a playful and empowering kink workshop this Thurs: is a new destination for intimate indulgence…

A branch of lifestyle brand AhaLife, AHAnoir the premier online destination for high-end sensual products and boudoir accessories. Through original content, AHAnoir strives to empower while creating a safe environment that’s a conduit for sexual and personal discovery.

Partnering with kink experts, Domi Dollz, to host one-night events, AHAnoir aims to foster open dialogue about sex and sexuality and provide safe and educational environments for couples to discover even more pleasure and intimacy.

Couples will receive unlimited champagne and hors d’oeuvres, as well as a $25 voucher for purchases over $100 on (valid until March 27th).

Thursday, February 27th, at 7pm.

Domi Dollz presents: Nipple Play on





Nina Payne and Beauty Foster of Domi Dollz give tips on how to tease and titillate nipples. Every Tues you can check out the next installment of the Intro to Kink series on

Latex Tips with Domi Dollz on



Nina Payne and Mona Rogers of Domi Dollz give tips for looking lovely in latex. Check out the next installment of the Intro to Kink series on
Love latex? Let Domi Dollz teach you how to slide right into it with our easy tips from the book “Kisses To Kink: A Dominatrix’s Guide To Great Sex” : see YouTube video below or 

Flogging with Domi Dollz featured on




Pinwheels, figure-eights and the swing may all sound like moves in Olympic skating. But guess what? They’re moves in the art of kink as well. Learn how to get your flog moves on with the second episode of the Domi Dollz Intro to Kink Series found on

Why give your partner a wrapped gift to open this Valentines Day… when you could open up a can of flogging on their lovely ass instead? Nina Payne teaches us how to flog in this week’s Domi Dollz’ Intro to Kink video:

Corset 101 with Domi Dollz featured on




Enjoy the first installment of the Domi Dollz Intro to Kink series. Jasmine Ines demonstrates that it’s a cinch to put a corset on right, and tight.

Click HERE to watch this video tutorial from Domi Dollz book: Kisses To Kink.

Where and when do you wear a corset? Don’t have one?  Jasmine Ines is also a talented designer of bespoke corsets at Sin and Satin here.

Intro To Kink on




This week, & Domi Dollz are launching a new series of kinky videos to spice up your sexy times. And we promise you’ll enjoy letting these ladies school you in the fine art of fetish. 

Watch the intro with Nina Payne and get ready for your first lesson (Corset 101) tomorrow!

Every Tuesday, we invite you to enjoy a new Domi Dollz video.

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Be My Kinky Valentine at Shag – Feb 9th


Be My Kinky Valentine
Sun. Feb 9

Hosted by Domi Dollz & Shag

Have you been fantasizing about kink lately? For one night only, the gorgeous ladies of Domi Dollz invites you to step into the erotic world of kink. Domi Dollz entices with sexy performances and educates with a kinky lesson plan that will help spice up your Valentine’s Day -  explore the many levels of kink and how it can be used to enhance your love and sex life. This educational performance is perfect for couples who are looking to get a little naughty in the New Year, but beware- this not for the faint of heart.
Please come with an open mind and a adventurous spirit!
Fee: $35/single
 108 Roebling Street @ N. 6th Street | Brooklyn, NY 11211
 347.721.3302 |


Luna Luna Mag’s Gift Guide For The Conscientious Pervert



Check out Lynsey G’s article for Luna Luna Magazine as she shouts out Domi Dollz and our book “Kisses To Kink: A Dominatrix’s Guide To Great Sex.”

“Personally, I think it’s important to put your money where your junk is when it comes to porn and sex. In a landscape where it’s so easy to go online and stream free porn, or purchase toys and other sexy products from almost anywhere, the holiday season is a good time to make sure that you’re spending your time and money wisely.” ~ Lynsey G

So if you’re feeling frisky this holiday season, check out Luna Luna’s list of companies, causes, and other assorted carnal fun to consider dropping some bucks on this year.

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Private, Ladies-Only Playshops with Domi Dollz

Mona Rogers Cane

Mona Rogers Cane(Ms Mona Rogers demonstrates caning with willing volunteer at “The Impact of Impact Play”)

Ladies arrive one by one to a luxury building in Gramercy on a cold November evening. They have been specifically invited to participate in an exclusive “playshop” called “The Impact of Impact Play” hosted by Ms Nina Payne and Ms Mona Rogers from Domi Dollz. We have been hosting these monthly invite-only, ladies-only classes for the past few months and it’s been turning into quite a memorable evening.

Domi Dollz has always enjoyed classes with women. For some reason when we have ladies-only workshops, they turn out to be the most fun and wildest time in comparison to our co-ed classes. Therefore, we thought we would begin a monthly gathering for our female friends so they could explore the art of kink in a safe, beautiful, and most importantly- private space.

(Domi Dollz Private Play Space

Domi Dollz private play space roof

(Domi Dollz hosts our private events in a spectacular luxury penthouse apartment in Gramercy)

While this class has been gaining popularity, we have been extremely selective as we never take more than 20 students for 1 class. Most guests have been friends of Domi Dollz or have friends, who are friends of Domi Dollz. Gorgeous ladies open to exploring the world of kink come together over wine and nibbles while Domi Dollz teaches an interactive class on several different topics that range from spanking to bondage to psychology to communication.

“Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a group of women walk in nervous and timid and then walk out like fierce Goddesses.” – Ms Nina Payne

To learn more on how you can be invited to these exclusive events, email us at