Workshop Instructor & Domi Dollz Model/Performer
Location: New York City & Los Angeles
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My Alter ego: Alaia! I stand 5’5 feet without stilettos, petite and exotic..I am a lifestyle Dominant Sensualist, with a flair for the bizarre and a presence that effortlessly demands attention. I consider my style to be eclectic and unique. My interests in BDSM are vast, from light sensual tease to heavy, use and abuse  corporal .. but most important to me is  ”Compatibility” with my partner to be able  to have a nirvana-like, consensual encounter.



DD: How, when and where did you get interested in or exposed to the Kink Scene?

A: I have always known that I possess a special power of persuasion and an urge for sensuality . But everything started making more sense after I was invited by my room-mate to work at a Foot Fetish place at the age of 18. Fetish was new to me then, but I learned quickly, I became very intrigued by the scene, discovered things about myself I never thought possible and ever since, my world has never been the same. I became a Pro Dominatrix a little short after, the ability to educate myself, to enjoy what I do, have fun, and use of the finest implements, brought me great success. I am recently retired and now enjoy the life style aspect of it with my life partner. Spontaneous empowerment in the bedroom and discovery of new fetishes and kinks that before I couldn’t have with my clients.

DD: What do you like most about the Kink Scene? Dislikes?

A: Fetishism is a world  of ”Excitement”  to me, is a world of endless possibilities, skilled arts, and exploration, is an emotional journey of devotion, fantasy and play!… I dislike: fake players / being a bitch doesn’t make one a mistress.

DD: Has your life changed after being exposed to the Kink Scene?

A: Yes, of course.. it change me in more ways than just discovering my sexuality, I became more ambitious, open minded and I feel the source of power in the universe.

DD: Do you feel Kink is getting more mainstream?

A: Yes, I think every day more people are starting to come out. We also now have huge Icons that are fetishist like Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj. Clothing designers like Alexander Mc Queen (RIP), Heel-less shoes are the latest fashion foot ware. I consider that to be very freaky .

DD: How did you hear about Domi Dollz? Opinions?

A: I heard of Domi Dollz through a friend that worked with Ms Nina Payne. Domi Dollz is about being a beautiful woman that enjoys kink as a form of art. I thought I fit right in.

DD: What is your most favorite Kinky outfit that you love to get dressed up in?

A: My favorite texture has always been leather. BUT I don’t own much of it because I have a soft heart for animals. So my favorite is a ‘sexy little thing’ (black) lingerie by Victoria Secret with red ribbons, black patten leather peep toes pump, and red lipstick of course.

DD: Tell us what your most ideal kinky encounter would be?

A: I love playing with food like ice-cream, whip-cream cherries and candle lights to set the mood.

DD: Tell us a little about your “vanilla” life? What is an average day like for you? What are your hobbies and interests?

A: Well lets me start by saying, Im now a professional Stylist so very busy, I travel a lot, I don’t like being in one place for too long. I don’t talk much about my scene to people that are not involve in the scene because most of the time they ”don’t get it” so I have no time for argument or ignorance. I prefer to keep my personal life to myself but if you met me I think you would notice I’m a different kinda of species.

DD: Anything else you would like to add? Any tips to our readers on how they can get started? Any words to our female audience? To our male audience?

A: Tips to my readers : A common misconception about BDSM play is that is all about pain, although intense sensation is delightful is really about control and power. What separates a good Dom and a good Master from the rest is their ability to enjoy what they do and have fun.