Amber Mekush

Honorary Member & Photographer / Singer / Writer / Model

Location: New York City

To see Amber Mekush’s feature as Domi Doll of the Month for April 2012 click HERE.


Amber Mekush is a New York City-based fine art photographer, writer, singer, and model. She is a beautiful and adventurous soul that has traveled all over the world and has a real taste for taking advantage of all life has to offer. She recently shot Ms Mona Rogers at a Sin & Satin photo shoot and after learning of all her many many talents, we were determined to make this beauty a honorary member of Domi Dollz. This quote by Amber says it all: “Taking photos is my way of connecting to the world creatively and spiritually. I am constantly exploring and investigating the world, seeking out unique locations, new adventures., and fresh ways of seeing and experiencing the world.” She sounds like a our kind of girl! ;)


DD: Domi Dollz loves your photography! How did you become interested in taking photos and what really inspires you to pull out your camera and take a picture?

AM: I’ve always been interested in photography. Even as a child I loved playing with Polaroids and instant film. These days I love my Iphone camera just as much as my pro camera as it allows me to be spontaneous. I used to only shoot landscapes as I used to be inspired most by my travels (20 countries in a year is my record), then I gradually became interested in people (photojournalism) because I really love meeting new people and hearing their stories. EVERYONE has a story. Now it’s fashion because I learned so much about lighting and posing from my modeling days and it’s fun to make a sexy shot.

DD: Since you were once a model, how does it feel to be on the other side of the lens? Is there a trick to getting the model to give you what you want for the shot?

AM: I think the most important thing for me as a photographer is making the model feel VERY comfortable. I give lots of compliments and often show the model what i am getting in order to inspire. Modeling definitely gives you a compassionate perspective.. and honestly, I am not sure which side I prefer being on!? :)

DD: You are a very creative woman, as not only are you a photographer, but you are also a writer AND singer? Please tell us more about your writing and singing. 

AM: Like photography, I’ve been singing and performing since I was a kid. It’s the one thing that can always make me cry. So I’m currently writing and recording an album. it’s got a soulful blues vibe.

DD: You recently shot ladies clad in gorgeous corsets for Sin & Satin. The photos were so beautiful and a little kinky. Have you yourself ever been exposed to the kink or the kink scene?

AM: Yes I have been. In fact, if it weren’t for someone “showing me the ropes” I couldn’t imagine what life would be like! It opened me up in so many ways! I’ve done proper scenes with a partner for a couple years now, but never been to a real public dungeon. Looking forward to that experience!

DD: If so, what do you like most about the kink and the scene? Dislikes?

AM: Well, the people I have met in the kink scene seem to be some of the most self-actualized people I know. And the kink, allows me to explore my true nature. I love when the opposite energies come together.. Dislikes, I guess I’m averse to those not following rules on how to play. It can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. I’ve lost feeling in my fingers for a week.. SCARY!

DD: At Domi Dollz we embrace our naughtier, alter-egos. If you were a Dominatrix, what would your Mistress name be? Tell us a bit about that woman. 

AM: I would be Diva Drake. She is VERY hard to please and will ask many personal favors of her slave. But she will only ask once.. She uses all that she knows about you in order to mess with your mind.. making you beg to be punished.

DD: Tell us what your most ideal kinky encounter would be and favorite outfit? (Please not too graphic)

AM: Im kind of into someone “taking advantage of me” and the outfit would be either a varsity cheerleader or a young schoolgirl.. Stuck up cheerleader learns a lesson. Tied up for hours.. yes please!

DD: Being a world traveler, what has been the sexiest place you have traveled so far? Where do you hope to visit next?

AM: Sexiest so far has been Thailand! I shot an underwater music video on the Phi Phi islands, lots of gorgeous models and adventure stories there. Next is definitely Tuscany for wine and Patagonia for hiking.

DD: Tell us a little about your daily life? What is an average day like for you? What are your other hobbies/interests?

AM: I wake up, workout and play basketball at my gym, write some lyrics, read online or a book, shoot or edit photos, whatever the day calls for.. And living in NYC means lots of events during the dark hours. I play ping pong and poker regularly. Also did tango dancing for 2 years in LA, which I intend to start up again once I find the right partner here in NYC.

DD: Anything else you would like to add? What’s next for Amber Mekush?

AM: Next is a few art projects.. Some with interpretive dance, some with photography. I was so inspired by the movie Pina 3D that I want to learn the language of the body and movement. And lots of poker events this summer! WPT and WSOP here I come again! :)