Andy Wardrobe

Honorary Member, Fashion Stylist, and Performer

Location: New York City

To see Andy Wardrobe’s feature as Domi Doll of the Month for August 2012 click HERE.


Rodrigo Andreas was born on a planet called Colombia, and while he was raised in the church of his parents, he quickly developed a desire to be raised in darker place, a desire to travel the streets in search of high times and high fashion, sexy new influences, and the elusive underground scene…
Later, as a teenager, when he relocated to Miami Beach, Rodrigo quickly discovered a variety of styles and sexy friends, and ‘AndyCandy’ quickly became his new alter ego.  ’Andy Candy’ spent most of his time working for gothic and fetish stores, doing visual merchandising and dressing other equally crazy and sinister-styled fashionistas. He also discovered he had a unique talent for performance art, and so himself became ‘walking art’. His tasteful but unusual wardrobe choices were a bit of a shock to the buff arms & bikini-clad public of South Beach, but those people finally began to embrace his innovative look after seeing musicians and other celebrities take similar daring steps with their fashion choices.
Constantly evolving, ‘Andy Candy’ decided to become ‘Andyman’ -a more colorful, even MORE style-conscious character & performer. No time was wasted before ’Andyman’ asked to join the  ’Sex Kittens and Naughty Misfits’ troupe of in-house performers at the legendary and infamous Backdoor Bamby club night in Miami. He then spent most of his daytimes trawling thrift & vintage stores and thumbing through European runway report magazines imagining over the top and thought-provoking costumes for his performers, having by then been made Creative Director for the company. By night, art, music, fashion and performance  were Andy’s drug of choice, and he became renowned for his creative and whimsical productions at Backfoor Bamby and beyond.
Never content to stand still, a desire for change and a new challenge lead ‘Andy Wardrobe’ (the latest incarnation!)  to the concrete jungle of New York City, where he is currently working on multiple projects, such as Style Wars NYC, assisting at 2 major design houses, running the team of hosts at one of NYC’s trendiest 24-hour drink n’ dine spots, and studying technical design for fashion at FIT.

Andy Wardrobe is fast becoming his own brand, and is in the process of starting his own ‘flamboyant menswear’ line, and who knows what else in the future… so  be sure to stay tuned to keep up with the further chapters of Andy’s adventures in this universe- one thing is for sure- it’ll never be what you expect! :-)

DD: How does it feel to be the first male to be featured as Domi Doll of the Month?

AW: It feels sexy.
DD: How, when, and where did you get interested in or exposed to the Kink Scene?

AW: As a kid I worked at a little goth store.  One day a beautiful Italian walked in and asked me on a date.  He took me to a fetish party.  It wasn’t a date.  The fetish party was amazing, and for the first time, I realized that I could hang out with a straight guy and just hang out.  That’s how I found out that kink was kink.

DD: What do you like most about the Kink Scene? Dislikes?

AW: I like exploring.  I dislike people who don’t like to explore.  I want to look at you straight in the eye, and just do something cool.
DD: Has your life changed after being exposed to the Kink Scene?

AW: Not really.  I laugh out loud more.
DD: Do you feel Kink is getting more mainstream?

AW: I feel like people are getting more comfortable with kink.  They witness others doing it.  Couples share kink more than they used to.  Really, people are just becoming more educated about it, more accepting.
DD: You recently joined Domi Dollz to compete in the latest Style Wars competition at Santos Party House on June 11th. Tell us about that experience?

AW: The experience was… I mean, if I really had to talk about it… I went through a lot.  It was so… it was amazing.  It was a thrill, exciting, everything I expected it to be.  I knew we were going to win.  In the end, it was a lot of hard work.  It was time consuming, stressful.  It was also shocking to know that I wasn’t accepted from the get-go.  It felt really good to show that it’s o.k. for the mainstream to accept us—that they DO accept us.
DD: Tell us one of your favorite, kinkiest stories. 

AW: I was dressed like a bellboy—a hotel bellboy in powder blue latex .  I worked for an exclusive fetish party in Fort Lauderdale at the time.  I checked a woman into her room, and she asked me if I would buy a pizza pie, if I would stand on it, have a little fun on it.  Earlier that day, I’d seen her arrive in a carriage pulled by men dressed like horses.  She promised me three hundred dollars.  The feeling of cheese and tomato sauce between my toes felt amazing!  The whole experience really turned me on.  That’s where I learned the importance of customer service.
DD: Tell us your most ideal kinky encounter? 

AW: To have a man propose to me the moment he sees me, and then we go from there into some everlasting, sexy fairytale.

DD: You will be performing with Domi Dollz at Museum of Sex on August 9th. What can the audience expect?

AW: This is the first time I’m performing in New York, so everything’s open.  It’s a party!  Giggity giggity!
DD: Tell us a little about your “vanilla” life? 

AW: I think I’m over it.  No, just kidding, seriously, let me focus for a second.  Interests… hobbies… I’m always just… I’m always kinky.  There’s no vanilla, you know.  I’m just cuckoo for fashion.  I love the idea of sensuality, and I love to just dress up, day and night, at my vanilla bean job, or at that not so exciting party.  I just take any opportunity to be fabulous.

By the way, I prefer chocolate.  I prefer exciting things, and I prefer to share them with my friends.  I never have to hide anything from them.
DD: Anything else you would like to add? Any tips to our readers on how they can get started in kink or in fashion? Any words to our female or male audience?

AW: Yes.  Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.  When you see something that captures you, make it your own—explore with it.  Don’t just notice something or observe something, but absorb it.  Apply it to real life.  Experiment.  That moment when you find something desirable, and interesting, and sexy, don’t hold back.  Let yourself go into it.  Let it take you.