Beauty Foster

Honorary Member, Fetish Fashion Model, and Performer

Location: New York City

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I’m from Brooklyn, NYC. I’ve been an Independent Artistic Model since 2006. Aspiring Makeup Artist and currently working at a Nightclub as a receptionist and getting trained in Bartending. I live for learning opportunities, good music and spontaneous moments. Always exploring my art forms, fetishes, and myself as an artist and person. I’m all about Living and Enjoying life.

DD: You do a lot of fetish modeling. How did you get into that?

BF: I got into modeling in 2006. I did a fashion photo shoot and was noticed by a foot fetish site and was asked to be featured as one of the models. That was my first fetish shoot. From there I’ve done bondage, pantyhose, smoking fetish modeling. Lately I’ve been doing more Artistic Fetish work.
DD: What is your favorite type of fetish to shoot?

BF: My favorite fetish to shoot is Bondage. Naked, in lingerie, or in a jeans and t-shirt and its still beautiful. Bondage ties are definitely a skill. I once feel asleep during a drawing session in a body tie. I enjoy the restriction and mind/body control.
DD: Do you have any personal fetishes?

BF: I’m into Kink, having fun, pushing boundaries and exploring. I have grown fond of exhibitionism lately.
DD: What are your thoughts on the kink scene?  Likes/dislikes…

BF: I haven’t been in the scene since I’ve stopped attending foot fetish parties in NYC. That crowd started changing and making me uncomfortable. I would like to attend a classy fetish party someday.
DD: What would your fantasy kinky encounter be?

BF: For my lover to capture me, blindfold me, rip off my clothes, tie me up and use me any way he wants. Also, for me to explore more my kinky side, uninhibited myself while having fun and being safe.

DD: What is your favorite kinky outfit that you like to get dressed up in?

BF: I always feel sexy in a short dress that fits me nicely with high heels. Classic fishnets. Also like wearing sexy dresses with my black Doc Martens.
DD: You also shoot a lot of artistic nudes.  What is that experience like for you? Do you find it liberating or empowering?

BF: I started nude modeling for art classes posing for 15 minutes still at a time. I’ve always respected talented artist who can draw and the best part is looking at the students work of what they’ve drawn of me
while I was getting dressed. I find it both a liberating and empowering experience. I don’t find nude modeling always sexual. But my work is also sometimes provocative. I do believe nude modeling is an art form its all how you portray yourself.
DD: Part of your signature look is your amazing hair and it draws a lot of attention. What do you love about it and what do you hate?

BF: I love my hair. People love it, scared by it or wanna touch it! I like the low maintenance, yet unfortunately how high maintenance my hair can be too. In public people seem to be so intrigued by my hair. It pisses me off when people ask if they can touch my hair. There is definitely a fetish for Curly, Kinky, Afro hair. The weirdest comment I got was “I wish I can cuddle in your hair and fall asleep in it!”
DD: You are also an aspiring makeup artist.  What do you enjoy about making people beautiful?

BF: Its just amazing what makeup up can do. I want to be a makeup artist to adorns people with makeup that complements the face, bring out their beauty.
DD: Tell us a little bit about your “vanilla” life.

BF: I need to explore more of my BDSM side with my lover. And I’m not talking about what you’ve read…