Dr. Alex Schiller

Honorary Member, Comedian & Star of show: Never Sleep Alone @ Joe’s Pub

Location: New York City

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“Give me your hot, your horny, your huddled masses yearning to hook up!” -Dr. Alex


Dr. Alex Schiller is a sexual missionary who travels the world helping hot people hook up with each other. She has been the subject of feature stories in The New York Times, Time Out New York, and the Daily Mail. Dr. Alex is personally responsible for millions of NSA hook-ups worldwide and promises that if you are bold, adventurous and practice what she preaches, you will Never Sleep Alone.


DD: First things first, you are very sexy for a doctor. Has anyone ever told you that?

AS: Yes.


DD: Dr. Alex, the press is calling you a “sexual evangelist” who preaches “the gospel of getting it on”. Do you agree with that statement?

AS: I consider myself more of a sexual missionary. I am dedicated to getting the world laid, one sexy soul at a time. That being said, I agree that my seminars do tend to have a mega-church feel. Except I encourage drinking and fornication.


DD: Can you tell our readers a little about these seminars you give at Joe’s Pub on Friday nights? What exactly is NSA? Is it a seminar, show or a party?

AS: NSA stands for Never Sleep Alone, which is the title of The Book I wrote to teach you single people how to overcome your inhibitions, increase your attractiveness and recognize your true socio-sexual potential. I know most of you don’t have the time or attention span to read a whole book, so I created the Friday night NSA seminar to give you a chance to drink, laugh and meet hot strangers while learning the Core Principles contained in The Book. NSA is everything. It’s a seminar because you are learning, it’s a show because you are laughing the whole time and being entertained by me and my very sexy band, and it is a party because you are dressed up, drinking, singing along, meeting hot people-


 DD: And after every NSA, you also have a very sexy and secret after-party? Can you tell us more about that? Any hot gossip?

AS: What happens at NSA stays at NSA. But I will tell you there are always a lot of hook-ups at the NSA After Party, we often have celebrities drop by, and I always pick a venue that has an existing clientele of interesting and attractive, straight and gay people. So, if you don’t have a connection with anyone you meet at the show, you are guaranteed to meet at least fifty more strangers who find you sexually relevant at the after-party.


DD: So if you come to NSA, you have to hook up with someone?

AS: You don’t HAVE to do anything. At NSA, you go at your own pace. A lot of shy people come to NSA to laugh, meet people and watch everyone else hook up. We offer two seating options. The SINGLES section is for people who are more open and adventurous and want to actively participate in on-stage demonstrations, maybe go on a blind date onstage, kiss a stranger, maybe kiss 2 strangers. Then there is a VOYEURS section for couples or single people who just want to watch the show and mingle, but don’t want to be involved in the demonstrations. NSA isn’t about having sexual relations in front of people, it’s about meeting fun strangers while learning how to be your hottest self and laughing your ass off. The goal is to have that hot hook up AFTER the show.

DD: What are your thoughts on kink? Do you think kink can enhance a sexual encounter?

AS: I think kink can enhance every aspect of life. By definition kink is the playful usage of sexual concepts in order to go beyond the ordinary and provide a heightened experience for everyone involved. I use elements of kink in my show for entertainment purposes, to turn my audience on and shake them up. I also appropriate kink language as a learning tool to help people remember NSA principles. BDSM in the Never Sleep Alone world means something slightly different than it does in the Domi Dollz world, but in both of our worlds, those letters represent experiences that people find fun, dangerous, pleasurable and fulfilling.


DD: Do you feel Kink is getting more mainstream?

AS: Kink is all around us.


DD: Domi Dollz is all about embracing our alter-egos. Tell us, if you were a Dominatrix what would your Mistress name be? Tell us about this woman.

AS: I am Doctor Alex and only Doctor Alex. A lot of my followers say they think of me as a dominatrix. I understand why they say that. I do wear black, I do tell people what to do, they must follow my orders and if they don’t, they may receive a spanking.


DD: One Yelp reviewer said that the show is hilarious, but she criticized you for bossing your audience around, saying you give people no choice but to follow your commands.

AS: Nobody is being held against their will, and nobody has ever used the safe word.


DD: What is your most favorite Kinky outfit that you love to get dressed up in?

AS: I own only one outfit. My black suit. That is all I ever wear because I like the attention to be on my followers. I tell everyone who comes to NSA to dress to impress.  I encourage all of them to figure out what their ideal sexual/kinky self is and dress to heighten that image and to attract their ideal lover. For instance, if you are the nurturing type and want to attract a man with an Oedipus complex, you should dress like a Greek queen, in something long and flowing, and make sure there is easy access to your breasts, should he need to be nursed after the after-party.


DD: Tell us what your most ideal kinky encounter would be?

AS: I had a very kinky encounter the other day at the NSA after-party.  When I arrived, I noticed a pretty female audience member kissing a handsome stranger as they waited in line for the bathroom. I was surprised because this particular audience member had written to me the week before, telling me she was a 25 year old virgin who had never French kissed a man or gone on a date in her life and could I please help her? I tried to get her onstage for a blind date at the show, but she chickened out, refused to come onstage and the girl next to her came up instead. So, seeing her kissing someone at the after-party made me very happy and I went to the bar to have a drink in celebration.  About twenty minutes later, she and her new handsome make-out buddy approached me at the bar and said, “We just wanted to say thank you.” Then they both dropped their pants to show me they had swapped underwear.  He looked surprisingly good in her tiny thong and she looked very happy in his boxer briefs.


DD: What’s next for Dr. Alex? Where can our readers learn more about you and your wonderful seminars and parties?

AS: My last Never Sleep Alone seminar of the season is Friday, June 1st. I am going on hiatus for the summer to do some field work in Italy and London, because I am taking NSA there next spring. I will be back at Joe’s Pub in the fall. You can find all seminar dates and locations and also read my free Daily Advice at NeverSleepAlone.com.  Anyone interested in participating in an on-stage demonstration at the June 1st seminar should write to me at NSAShow@gmail.com.


DD: Anything else you would like to add? Any tips to our readers on how they can get started on a NSA lifestyle? Any words to our female audience? To our male audience?

AS: I encourage every hot single person in NYC to come to NSA, laugh your ass off, meet some fun strangers and try something new. One day you will be old and ugly and nobody will want to have sex with you. While you are young and hot, be open, have fun and get laid as much as possible.