Goddess Miki

Workshop Instructor & Domi Dollz Model/Performer
Location: Los Angeles
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Goddess Miki is a full time professional Dominatrix based in the West Coast. Her upbringing was in a conservative and repressed multi-cultural and multi-ethnic enviroment. As you can tell, most of her origins are asian (Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese) but there is also european blood (German & French) in her veins. She was born and raised in California, so you can consider her an “All-American girl”. After her formal education, she first discovered BDSM and began playing around while still in her teens, as a part of her was not being fulfilled by the traditional and social roles impossed on teenage girls, especially in the conservative area in which she grew up. During her undergraduated education in San Francisco she became involved with the local fetish scene, and that changed her life. She experimented, adapted, and learned. It was during this phase that began her transformation from a hobbyst to a true Domina. Later, Goddess Miki moved to Washington DC where her career as a Professional Dominatrix began formally as she excelled to Top Domme status in a matter of months. Since then she have returned to my Alma mater- Los Angeles, where she resides permanently.



DD: How, when and where did you get interested in the Kink Scene?

GM: I have been in the Kink scene all of my life! I never remember a time where I was not either fascinated, intrigued or excited by deviant behavior. I have grown to accept the fact that in time society will realize that what we do is an expression of who we are, not a definition of what we are. I learned to be kinky at a young age. When boys were kissing girls and running away, I was chasing after the boys and slapping them. The first boy who pulled my hair in 1st grade got slapped so hard that I left a red mark on his face for the rest of the day. As I was being yelled at by the principal I knew that I actually liked making that boy pay for his mistake. The next day when he saw me in the school yard, he ran the other way. I laughed and remember thinking this being in control is an OK thing. Little did I know that I was hooked into a life of Kink.

DD: What do you like most about being involved in the Kink Scene? Dislikes?

GM: I love the experiences I have been able to have, and the experiences I have given to others. There is nothing more gratifying then to see someone’s eyes opened up to a whole new world that they were afraid of explore! To be honest we are all kinky in some way. I am just willing to explore my kink and let others know about my journey. That brings me to the dislike issue. I hate with a passion people who pretend to be more then what they are. Kink is about having fun! Not about being so serious that you get stuck on yourself. Did I mention that I hate it when someone Tops from the Bottom!

DD: Has your life changed after being exposed to the Kink Scene?

GM: In ways only to the better! I am so much more relaxed with who I am. I love the ability to have self expression as a physical outlet, and a way to explore lots of different ideas. Sometimes I only explore in my mind, other times I look on line to see what others think and finally when I am really lucky I try out some of the ideas with my partner.

DD: Do you feel Kink is getting more mainstream?

GM: Absolutely! Look at how 30 years ago no one even talked about looking at naked women, now everyone looks at them on line! With this mass education of the population on the different types of sex, sexuality, and kink it is only a matter of time until everyone is kinky! I can not wait for that day. Kink is mainstream now, I can not wait until deviant becomes mainstream!

DD: What is your most favorite Kinky outfit you love to get dressed up in?

GM: Well I am a BIG fan of leather! I have this one incredible leather corset that I adore. I love how the leather feels against my skin and the constriction of the laces pulls my body into an hourglass shape. The corset goes will with a pair with thigh highs, garter, g-string panties and 6 inch platform stiletto heels. The outfit is not complete without a pair of handcuffs, collar, and maybe a wicked whip.

DD: Tell us what your most ideal kinky encounter would be?

GM: I have always dreamed at finding a Prince Charming who had the Boy Next Door look, but was really kinky. My prince would kneel at my feet and worship my feet by massaging them, sucking on them and then slip them into a pair of red stiletto heels. I would then stand as he kneeled on the ground waiting for my next command……

DD: Tell us about your So-Called “Vanilla Life”

GM: Actually I don’t consider myself as one that has a “Vanilla Life”, separated from the “Kinky Life” as both converge and overlap into what I refer to as my “Life Existence”. A regular day does not exist “per se” as each day is different from the last hence making my life everchanging. With each day, I look forward to new experiments and experiences; as I grow personally (as in emotionally and mentally) and spiritually. I am constantly learning, changing and growing to fulfill my own destiny. Obviously, not everything in my life is directly related to the fetish scene, but it is true that there is a very clear and latent influence in what we can refer as “vanilla activities”. Among those, I love to read, do crossword puzzles, play (both western and ancient chinese) chess, watch movies, listen to music, play with Bubba Lulu, my english bulldog, and play with gadgets and electronics like building computer systems or programming. In general, I just love to live and enjoy life.

All friends and family know My involvement in the Kink Scene, accept and, in some cases, admire what I am and what I do, so there is no need for me to keep a barrier between myself and the others, doors are open and I enjoy helping others to open their doors to what is considered a taboo, bringing their existence to a new light, liberate themselves from the stablished rules and morality, fill the void and become complete as human beings.