Jasmine Ines

Honorary Member & Fashion Designer

Location: New York City

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Sin & Satin is an online corsetry boutique that prides itself on offering the best quality corset and accessories at the fairest price available. Sin & Satin Corsetry was born out of a need for beautiful avant-garde foundation wear that could be worn inside and out. This is not your grandmother’s girdle!

The passion for corsetry grew out of love of making custom clothing that enhances the silhouette of friends and family alike.  The Head Designer Jasmine Ines for Sin & Satin Corset knows all too well how to carve sensual curves into each figure.  Regardless of your body type, whether full on top, full on bottom, full figured, hourglass, or curveless she has a comfortable corset for your shaping needs.  Sin & Satin corsets are meant to fit like a second skin, and are more than capable of enduring the rigors of waist training while maintaining their luxurious look. Sin & Satin’s bespoke services are designed to reflect the unique needs and silhouette objective of each client.



DD: First off, Domi Dollz loves your corsets! What got you started as a corset designer?
JI: As a teen I was fixated on the corset as much conventional lingerie has a delicate quality whereas corsetry exudes personal power and control while protecting the body.  I wanted to create modern art from a historical article of clothing. I began studying the corset not as a garment but as a being in and of itself. The history, the essence and the techniques used to create such lovely silhouettes instantly.  In short, an obsession was born from my curiosity.  In curiosity your will find your passion.

DD: Tell us about your customers. What type of women buy your creations? Do you have male customers?
JI: Many of our clients are of various backgrounds and shapes, which require a custom approach to their silhouette.  We have loyal clients who range from fetish to fashion minded corset enthusiasts.  The corset allows them to tap into the kinkier side of their desire to play and expose their sexuality while maintaining their sense of self.  The corset as a medium affords the client expression for sexual freedom and experimentation, the list is potentially limitless.

DD: I’m sure you are aware that corsets are a huge fashion staple in a fetish wardrobe.
JI: For much of the 20th century fashion, it seemed the corset has had its day. Changing fashions which required less rigid underwear has deemed the corset obsolete. But the corset has come back into style not just in the fetish scene but also in high fashion. I cannot enter a single boutique without seeing it everywhere. Corsets are constantly transcending the limits of the fetishist wardrobe. Gladly I have seen the corset in a manner of avant-garde fashion such as Garo Sparo, to a more popular level of fashion on Katy Perry.  This isn’t your grandmother’s girdle, now!

Looking back in time, I believe my love for corsetry began as a novel idea as a teenager to wear one just for effect. I searched high and low for one in my small town of Kearny, New Jersey.  Finally, I took it upon myself to learn to construct a corset. I purchased various books, annoyed many ateliers and remained curious until I was fully satiated with enough information to create custom pieces for clients. It is with great pleasure that Sin & Satin Corsetry was born out of a need to construct the original woman’s armor.

DD: How would you describe your personal style? Who are some of your style icons?
JI: My personal style is a bit of modern retro chic.  When I am not solely focused on my latest corset constructions, I design clothes that are not typical of this era. I like to pull from the past to create a very unique bold look for the evening.  It almost always involves a corset of sorts. When I venture out into the city, people always want to try on my corsets. I obliged them at times because I want them to feel unique, sexy and desired. It’s a lovely feeling that only holds value if shared.

As a child, I poured over vintage photos of pin-up models and showgirls in Playboy, Titter and Wink Magazine. I own so many books on the pin-up models of yore I might just take them with me to my grave. Also, I have a serious girl crush on Dita Von Teese and the late Bettie Page. It’s a brunette thing I guess! Throughout most of my observations I have found male sexual arousal is highly susceptible to visual cues, many men cannot resist a small waist and lovely set of legs.

DD: Have you had any exposure to the Kink Scene?
JI: I have had the pleasure of being exposed to the Kink Scene. John Willie’s graphic style of fetish imagery in “Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline” in Bizzare magazine was my first experience with kink. It was all about tight lacing and torture of sorts.  I can hardly begin to explain the chills I had pouring over these vintage images.

DD: If so, what do you like most about the Kink Scene? Dislikes?
JI: My sub girlfriend Amber has pointed out that I am a total Domme. I was shocked because I didn’t know what to make of it. I was always a bit strong minded and independent. I’ve never admitted it to myself, so it came to shock to me when she blatantly said it. I apologized for being so rough, she told me not to apologize, she liked it! Who knew?!

After a few BDSM trials with my fiancé we have discovered a new way to play. Our relationship is better for it. I can definitely enjoy the kinkier side of life with him. Carrying on further it has helped us build better trust and communication among other benefits.  There is an exhilarating sensation when one experiences their fantasies come true with a trusted partner.

As for any dislikes, I am still discovering them as I go. If something doesn’t suit my pleasure we use social parameters and code words.

DD: Has your life changed after being exposed to the Kink Scene?
JI: Certainly, I am always seeking new techniques and I am fond of the flogger. I shop for toys more now than ever before. As a younger woman it’s intimidating to walk into a sex shop but once I did I a wealth of knowledge regarding kink and role playing.  I’ve come to find the customer service is usually a lot more helpful than at any Barney’s I have been to.

DD: With so much fetish being in fashion these days, do you feel Kink is getting more mainstream?
JI: Certainly Kink is becoming a more mainstream, even the vanilla newbies feel the need to participate in Kink play.  Once a person knows their interests and where their personal boundaries lie, the person will feel quite comfortable in the Kink Scene.

I believe it was Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren who were the influential duo in this movement during the seventies punk/gothic scene.  They incorporated strong elements of classic bondage paraphernalia.  Currently, it amazes me when I enter popular boutiques like Patricia Fields, she has a mixture of Transexual garb, BDSM meets Lady Gaga. Fetish imagery is so mainstream it can be found everywhere and it’s certainly not going away any time soon.

DD: At Domi Dollz we all embrace our naughtier, alter-egos. If you were a dominatrix, what would your Mistress name be? Tell us a bit about that woman.
JI: Ohh yes, my slave has had the pleasure of addressing me as ‘Mistress Bitch’ during our sessions.  There is something about the complexity of the corset that seems to invite a wearer into a state of authority. The corset creates a taller torso, encased in steel, contoured and autonomously in control. It is my go to garment for pleasure, my strongest armor and a portal of personal control. Without my corset, I don’t think I could channel my inner Mistress with such ease.

DD: Tell us what your most ideal kinky encounter would be?
JI: If so allowed, I would like to watch a couple have wild kinky sex, abandoning their inhibitions in the arms of another person or a group of people who will set their nerves aflame, teasing and tormenting each other for hours.  I would definitely see inspiration in the moment.
DD: Tell us a little about your daily life? What is an average day like for you? What are your hobbies/interests?
JI: Uff! No two days are the same. When I am not designing for Sin & Satin Corsetry I am constantly sourcing, reading, seeking help and offering my sewing help too. I love to read and drink wine with my pups in my lovely home. The best activity for me is shopping at vintage shops in the Gramercy area. These places are littered with valuable baubles and trinkets. I’m a sucker for jewelry and all things pin-up.

DD: Anything else you would like to add? Any tips to our readers interested in fashion design and how they can get started?
JI: Always remain curious and motivation will burn inside of your with a fierce passion that no one can take away.  If you stay the course and believe in yourself the reset is cake. Read and investigate as much as possible about whatever your passionate or curious about. Keep asking yourself how can you do it better or more creatively. The answer always surmises in one way or another. In curiosity you will find your passion.