Lydia Lael

Honorary Member, Fashion Designer, and Founder of Vengeance Designs

Location: New York City

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My name is Lydia Lael and I’m the bold woman behind Vengeance Designs. Vengeance Designs is a product of my endless creativity and uncontrollable imagination; the spawn of my love for fashion and fetish. As a full-time fetish model, I found myself surrounded by the hottest alternative fashions while also diving into the world of kink. I quickly developed a fetish for latex and became fascinated with the creative possibilities of the material. I love the process of transforming and manipulating rubber to create one-of-a-kind avant garde pieces that combine elements of royal queens, vintage vixens, and fetish sexpots. I’m a recent graduate of the Art Institute of NYC where I earned my degree in Fashion Design. Armed with technical skills and a deviant mind, my goal is to use fetish and fashion to bring out the kinky alter-ego in everyone.

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DD: Domi Dollz is a huge fan of Vengeance Designs! Please tell us how you got started and what inspires you?

LL: Believe it or not, my pursuit of a career in fashion design is a recent endeavor. Just three years ago, I was living in the Boston area pursuing a degree in Biology and working in a research lab. I followed the path I thought I should take, not the one I really wanted. In need of an artistic outlet, I started modeling and quickly became interested in fetish and alternative styles. This led me into the world of fetish fashion and I fell in love. I quit my job, transferred to a fashion school in NYC and now here I am. I quickly found inspiration in things like historical costume, vintage lingerie, comic books, movies, pretty much anything that visually appealed to me. Even music can inspire me. The great thing about art is that, for the most part, it just comes to you naturally. As long as you’re surrounded by the things that get the imagination rolling, inspiration will never be in short supply.

DD: How, when and where did you get interested in or exposed to the Kink Scene?

LL: It happened through my pursuit of modeling. Back in the days of myspace I would gawk and drool over models like Apnea, Raquel Reed, Rubber Doll, and Masuimi Max, so the more I got into the modeling, the more I tried to find my way into the alternative and fetish side of modeling. Through events, castings, fetish parties, and lots of networking, I carved out my place in the world of fetish modeling and made a career out of it. Instead of waiting tables to get through school, I would travel around the country doing photo-shoots, performances, and fetish videos.

DD: What do you like most about the Kink Scene? Dislikes?

LL: I like many things about the kink scene. First and foremost, I love the sexual freedom and lack of judgement. A fetish party is the only place where people of all kinks and styles can get together, dance, play, and not give a single fuck what anyone thinks. As different as everyone is by day, by night we are a family of happy perverts.

What I dislike about the kink scene is this outside perception that we all live some kind of pornographic lifestyle. This is a scene where you can embrace your deviance however large or small. You have your promiscuous types and your hardcore kinksters, but also artists, designers, and people who are simply curious. The point is, we accept all types and its unfortunate that we’re sometimes all viewed as freaks or dangerous people.

DD: Has your life changed after being exposed to the Kink Scene?

LL: My entire life and career has pretty much been formed around the kink scene at this point. I’ve invested all of my time and money into Vengeance Designs and the business is growing more and more each day. The people in the kink scene are my friends, clients, and business partners. For me, it’s more than just a weekend excursion, it’s my career and lifestyle.

DD: Do you feel Kink is getting more mainstream?

LL: Yes! And I’m quite happy about it. Its good to see designers mixing in latex pieces with mainstream fashion styles. It seems like every time I open up a magazine, there’s latex somewhere. Its refreshing to see small bits of the fetish scene coming into mainstream media and being positively received.

DD: You recently joined Domi Dollz to compete in the latest Style Wars competition at Santos Party House on June 11th. Tell us about that experience?

LL: It was a rush!!! I’m surprised I didn’t have a heart attack on stage. We took some risks with our looks but it paid off; they loved us!! Its one thing to win, but its an even better feeling to get such high praise from everyone. I remember going home that night with the biggest smile on my face. I was so proud of all the Dollz and how much hard work everyone did to make the designs happen. We were rock stars that night.

DD: What is your most favorite Kinky outfit that you love to get dressed up in?

LL: I have soooo many outfits that I love to wear but my absolute favorite thing is my latex bullet bra! Its the first of its kind; a vintage replica made with thick gauge latex and clever pattern-making. It makes me feel like Madonna and I can wear it with so many different pieces and create a variety of looks with it. Its the perfect combination of my loves for rubber and vintage lingerie.

DD: Tell us a little about your “vanilla” life?

LL: I don’t really have much of a vanilla life anymore. My career is that of a freelancer so during the week I’m either at photo-shoots or working on design orders. On the weekends I go to events, travel, or work on fun new outfits for myself. The one hobby I have that always surprises people is I’m an equestrian. I’ve been riding horses since I was a kid and I currently own a one-eyed rescue Thoroughbred. I trained him from scratch and despite his disability, he was trained to jump and was successful at many horse shows. He’s a wonderful animal with the sweetest temperament of any horse I’ve owned. His lost eye was a result of abuse while he was a race horse in Florida and I’ve taken an active stand against horse racing and the animal cruelty that has evolved in the sport.

DD: Anything else you would like to add? Any tips to our readers on how they can get started in kink or fashion?

LL: My tip to everyone: be fearless. life is too short.