Marlo Marquise

Honorary Member, Burlesque Performer, & Fire/Glass Eater

Location: NYC

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Known as the “Dark Diamond of Burlesque”, “The Sideshow Showgirl” and “Suspension Starlet” , Marlo Marquise has graced the covers and pages of books, magazines, and websites from all over the world. Marquise is known for her dark vintage, glamorous style and her unique ability to combine classic Burlesque and old school sideshow skills in her performances.

“A true 21st century Renaissance woman, Marlo Marquise has her gentle hand in everything from burlesque to modeling, art and erotica…..Marlo has depth, and a woman with more than one dimension is always appealing.” – Marc Ecko’s Complex Magazine

DD: Domi Dollz loves your shows! Tell us about your style of burlesque and how you got started.

MM: To be honest I don’t necessarily consider myself a burlesque performer.  Even though the phrase is so loosely used these days, I simply consider myself a performer with elements of classic burlesque striptease and sideshow skills in my performances.  I started out as strictly a classic burlesquer in 2008 in New York City.  I’ve always loved the sideshow as a kid, and I’ve always had friends who were involved in that community.  The reemergence of Burlesque became so popular I felt a dime a dozen being raven haired and pale with a classic style.  I decided to challenge myself and learn new skills to become a more well rounded performer.  First was fire, then was glass, and the rest is history! 

DD: Why do you love to perform? How do you feel while performing?

MM: I love performing for many reasons.  When I first started, it was because I just like making people happy.  I like giving people a moment where they can forget about the stresses of every day life, and just be entertained for the duration of a show.  Now, five years into my career and doing more extreme performances, it’s about educating the masses.  Changing peoples minds.  I do things in some of my performances that the average person views as ugly.  I’ve made it my job/goal to present these things in a way where even if it’s just for 4 minutes, these same people will think what was once ugly is now beautiful.  If I can do that, I’ve done my job well and I’m elated.  Being onstage is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

DD: You are so unique in the fact that you handle fire in your show. Have you ever had any accidents in a show?

MM: Besides the occasional burn on my own body, I’ve never had an accident where I damaged another person OR a venue.  No spills, no lighting things on fire.  I’m very careful.  It’s very important for fire performers to have performers insurance and have worked with the fire Marshall.

DD: As you know, Domi Dollz is all about educating the public on kink. Have you ever been exposed to the kink scene?

MM: I have in fact.  I’ve been a fetish model for the past 5 years.  I’ve worked with hundreds of photographers, and I’ve been published internationally in numerous fetish magazine and books.

DD: Do you feel Kink is getting more mainstream?

MM: I believe elements of kink have always been in the mainstream, whether it’s the patent leather stilettos a secretary is wearing to work, or some of the fashion we see on the runway.  It’s always there if you look close enough.  My personal opinion though, is that Americans will never be okay with real kink.  We’re still a very prudish culture.

DD: What is your most favorite Kinky outfit that you love to get dressed up in?

MM: I LOVE latex.  I have an extensive collection of couture latex form working with such great designers.  I’ll also always have a love affair with a tightly cinched corset paired with 6 strap garter belt and fully fashioned stockings.  So classic.

DD: Tell us a little about your “vanilla” life?

MM: What is this “Vanilla” life you speak of? Sure I have my rare days of being able to sit down and watch a movie with a friend or my partner.  These days are rare though.  When you choose this lifestyle and career, there’s never a dull moment and things are quite distant from vanilla.  I’ve been lucky enough to have made my hobbies my job.

DD: Where can our fans see you perform next? What’s on the horizon for Marlo Marquise?

MM: I have many shows booked all the way through June.  My schedule of performances is always up to date on my website.  I’m most excited about performing at the Baltimore tattoo convention on April 5,6 and also performing at London Supper Club May 4, 25 in the UK.

DD: Any tips to our readers on how they can get started in burlesque?

MM: If you aren’t willing to make serious sacrifices in your life, then don’t try to perform for a living.  If you want to take it up as a hobby, try going to a few classes!  Jo Weldon created the NY School of Burlesque for those who want to give it a whirl.  OR if you just want to learn how to shake it right, take my fellow performers booty class taught by Gal Friday.  If you are serious about becoming a burlesque performer the best thing to do is start going to as many shows as possible and meeting performers and producers.  The community loves the support!