Mistress Bella

Domi Dollz Model/Performer
Location: New York City
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Mistress Bella is the kind of girl who gets the job done and never forgets about her play partner. She loves her job, but remembers it’s still a job, so she never goes overboard. Men often beg to be with her. She has her own unique way of blending seduction with pleasure and pain. Come to think of it, Bella paradoxically was, and still is, a timid female… but when she opens the door to kink, she is skillfully able to morph into a creature devoted to the balance of pleasure and pain.



DD: How, when and where did you get interested in or exposed to the Kink Scene?

B: I’ve always been a sexual person. I like the satisfaction I get when I am able to explore the kink within. My first real experience was back in junior high school when my class made a field trip to Jones Beach. The Alpha-male of out class took the initiative and open-handedly smacked my tender ass as hard as he could. I still remember the stinging feeling. Infuriated. I literally did a 180 turn and smacked him in the balls as hard as I could. Of course, caught at the time I was instantly reprimanded, but after everything was said and done, I remember that wonderfully gratifying feeling of making that boy (especially with him being the alpha type) pay for what he did. I never realized that this feeling of control I had felt would have bloomed as strongly as I grew. It wasn’t until I met Ms. Nina Payne that I sense my flower blooming rapidly. She open the door to kink unleashed.

DD: What do you like most about the Kink Scene? Dislikes?

B: The first thing that drew me in was the way women dominated. It is a man’s world out there and I remember growing up in a system in which women were suppose to carry the burden of obedience and do as the man said. That all changed when I participated at an even at Coco De Mer. Ms. Nina Payne held an educational class that exemplified the female in charge and the man at her mercy. In this kink world, women are in control and I find this excitingly gratifying. I also enjoy the connections I have made with others. I really enjoy role playing. What I dislike is that I was raised to believe that the kind world is the “devils work.” Even though some people describe the kink world and people involved in it very dark and anti-religious,… It is up to us to work together to make other understand that it isn’t!!!! There is kink within us all, whether it is in role playing in the bedroom with your other half, or attending a class to explore ways to safely unleash the kink. Point being… people should stop fearing and judging the unknown. We are all here to learn, explore and have fun!

DD: Has your life changed after being exposed to the Kink Scene?

B: Yes, without a doubt. I definitely do feel a lot more whole as a person. I always felt I was missing something (like a void) and being able to participate in this culture in which people are not as judgmental and are much more accepting; I feel a little less out of place. At times I feel in myself a struggle between three personalities; the dominatrix, the submissive, and lastly- me, myself (all the multiple aspects of my existence within myself).

DD: Do you feel Kink is getting more mainstream?

Yes, Kink is more accepted now than it was twenty years ago. Back then a women who would reveal too much on television  was consider a female who had no respect or just a whore. However, I am so excited, Rhianna out did herself and put kink on the map, with her song S&M, which means sadism and masochism. This video showed spanking, whipping, bondage,  slave and master. Another artist who has and still is taking kink mainstream would be Lady Gaga. She expresses kink through her music and videos. She used methods in her video of using pain as a sexual stimulant. This is just the beginning. Ms. Nina Payne herself is going to put kink further on the map, just wait and see what she and the Dollz have in store!!!

DD: How did you hear about Domi Dollz? Opinions?

Interesting little story, as I said before, the way I was brought up was to believe, that anything in this culture was evil and if I contributed in any way there would be a place in hell waiting for me. Until a very good friend of mine and tattoo artist, Jason Chaos, told me a little about Domi Dollz. I still was not 100 percent convinced. So, he then introduced me to the amazing Ms. Nina Payne, who educated about the kink world and which methods that are fun, but safe to use. She also teaches females empowerment. However, she asked me to participate at an educational class at Coco De Mer and I agreed. Not to long after the event she had presented me with an offer to become a Doll and without any hesitation I said “Yes!” A few main reasons are because,  Domi Dollz goes all different directions. A few examples, that make me feel very prideful to be a doll is because they do events, workshops, DJ music, and sell shirts that say “YES MISTRESS.” The point of Domi Dollz is to educate and entertain.

DD: What is your most favorite Kinky outfit that you love to get dressed up in?

B: This has to be the hardest question by far!! How can I pick one? When I love it all from leather, to latex, to corsets, fishnets, body stockings, whips,… however, if I HAD to choose my favorite kinky outfit it would be a black shiny Vinyl skin tight fit, “that hugs my body,” mini dress with an adjustable center zipper in the front. I tend to favor this outfit because it shows my curvaceous breast, midsection, thighs and it contours my juicy ass. The black shiny look expresses a sexiness all over. Its allures any man especially with the matching thong, long black gloves of course, my horse tail whip and my bad boy cuffs. To complete the outfit I would wear soft stretch faux leather. In a platform over the knee style with an almond shaped toe. Four inch double platform and eight inch stiletto high heels.

DD: Tell us what your most ideal kinky encounter would be?

B: My ideal kinky encounter is to wrap a studded leash around a man’s neck and make him go down on all four. I would instruct him on what to do. He would be my pet. I would blindfold him and inflict a little painful pleasure with a toy of choice. I then would take the blindfold off. Tell him to sit! I then would take the leash and tie it to a steel metal chair, screw to the fool. No matter how much my pet would try to break free as I teased he wouldn’t be able to…. A little tease and a lot of denial. If he misbehaves he will be punish,…. But at the end he will get exactly what he deserves a balance between pain and pleasure.

DD: Tell us a little about your “vanilla” life? What is an average day like for you? What are your hobbies and interests?

B: My vanilla life is very busy. I am constantly on the go. I enjoy reading, taking Mix Martial Arts, football, walking in central park and/ or on the beach. I like listening to music, whether its in the car, house or even with headphone while taking a walk. I aim to go away at least once or twice every year.  I have a loving admiration to taking in new things and experiences.

DD: Anything else you would like to add? Any tips to our readers on how they can get started? Any words to our female audience? To our male audience?

I feel a lot of females are threaten and feel awkward about a women being dominant. Maybe because the way society paints this dark unflattering image about female dominance. As far as men go, they are use to pleasing their imagination on their own for a very long time. This is changing through communication and exploration. Its all about having an open-mind and slowly accepting yourself and these amazing orgasmic experiences you will encounter.