Ms. Perez

Honorary Member & Events Coordinator @ Museum of Sex / Performer

Location: New York City

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Domi Dollz has found a home at Museum of Sex in New York City, thanks to the talented, beautiful, and all around kick-ass chick: Yari Perez. We met Yari last year and was amazed to learn that not only does she coordinate events at MoSex, but she is also a performer herself and goes by the stage name of: Ms. Perez. All this and more, and she’s not even in her mid-20′s! We would be jealous if we didn’t love her so much.

We foresee world domination for this brunette beauty so enjoy this interview and hopefully she won’t forget Domi Dollz when’s she’s a big star. ;)


DD: What do you like most about the kink scene?  Dislikes?
MP: My favorite thing about the kink scene is that it is so open. I am firm believer that you never know what you like until you’ve tried it.  There are infinite ways to experiment with sexuality and once you find that kink that works for you, it takes your sex life from great to phenomenal. You can explore and straddle the line between pain and pleasure and when you find that perfect balance, you’ll wonder why its taken so long to discover it.

As far as dislikes I’d have to say that I dislike the fact that kink is as taboo as it is. People like to think that they are open minded, but some people are quick to judge if they have never explored it for themselves.

DD: What is your regular day like?  Hobbies/interests?
MP: A regular day always starts with having Greek yogurt and a nice cup of coffee for breakfast :-) I go to work at the Museum of Sex and spend most my day organizing and planning events. After work, I go to the boxing gym and relieve some pent up energy. I usually like to unwind with a nice glass of Pinot Noir and candlelight while I prepare for the next day.

DD: Tell us about your work at the Museum of Sex.
MP: I am currently the Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator at the Museum of Sex so I keep busy :-)

DD: Has working at the Museum of Sex impacted your personal sexuality?
MP: I have always been open about my sexuality and working at the Museum of Sex has really given more resources to explore it further. Whenever I’m on my lunch break, I find myself wandering around our gift shop checking out the new items and get new ideas to spice up my sex life. I also get to meet so many new people that it reminda me that sex is so much more complex than I ever thought imaginable.

DD: What do you like most about working there?
MP: I enjoy the fact that I get to put together some kick ass events! I can use my creativity to give our guests the over the top experience they expect. It is also incredible that I get to work with such open-minded groups, people that have dedicated their careers to helping facilitate conversations about sex in an educational and professional manner.

Its also great that I can open NSFW (Not Safe For Work) emails and not worry about my boss judging me :-)

DD: Tell us about your alter ego Ms. Perez?
MP: Ms. Perez… What can I say about her? She is a powerful woman that doesn’t take no for an answer… and reminds women that they can be sexy as long as they choose to be. She owns every space she enters whether she’s hosting a show for 60 people or simply entertaining her partner. She’s a fun and sexy domme that likes to make you think that you are in control, but reminds you who’s the boss with a snap of her finger.

DD: Ms. Perez hosts events at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and an Open Mic Night at the Museum of Sex.  What can the audience expect at these events?
MP: Yes, Ms. Perez curates and hosts the Museum of Sex’s Wide Wide Open Wednesday every first Wednesday of the month and erotic open Mic at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe once a month. All of the shows that Ms. Perez hosts are all very audience oriented and relies on high energy and are an overall good time. Whether you are a performer or spectator, everyone is encouraged to let go and interact with one another in a sort of family environment.

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