Sally Golan

Honorary Member, Event Planner, and Actress

Location: NYC

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Born in Israel, raised in Canada and living it up in New York, Sally Golan is a full fledged entrepreneur and artist at heart with a huge passion for creativity, travel, culture and lifestyle. “Thanks to the tanking of the economy in 2008 – right when I first moved to New York, I had to either sink or swim. It was either figure out a way to survive or leave the country since NO JOBS were available what so ever”. States Sally. “I threw a fund raiser party for a TV show I wrote to raise production money and it was actually during the production of the event that I realized I had a natural knack for events and marketing”.  That night, Social Exposure was born.
Sally Golan has produced some of the most wild themed events in the city that have been written up all over the place and is currently working on a European expansion.
Sally has been living in New York for six years now.
DD: You have been described as one of New York’s hottest socialites. Who are some of your icons and role-models?
SG: My Father – Uri Golan – He is an Aeronautical Engineer and simply one of the best ones out there. Hardworking, loyal to my mother, a proud man with a gentle spirit,
it was tough growing up with an Israeli stubborn Dad but he made me the woman I am today and inspired me to go for what I want.
KEVIN O’LEARY from the ABC show SHARK TANK - I love his brevity and honesty. A self made Billionaire, this man is no joke. He’s amazing.
GUY LE LIBERTE FOUNDER OF CIRQUE DU SOLIEL – How many people can say they are billionaires from owning a CIRCUS? He is the perfect meld of creative
and business oriented. He build a whole new language of entertainment, an empire, a world wide phenomenon and is by far untouchable in the circus / entertainment world.
He is a Montrealer / Canadian and used to perform circus acts on the streets of Paris. Now look at him.
DD: What motivated you to starting your company?
SG: I have such a passion for nightlife, networking, creative productions and creating experiences. I spent a lot of years running around major cities and traveling and experiencing various cultures and I found that the NYC nightlife / event scene was actually lacking on many fronts: edge, heart and soul. I started Social Exposure on a mission to bring back the idea of BONDING on another level as we some times spend too much time working and not enjoying life.
DD: Tell us more about Social Exposure’s past events and vibe.
SG: I will admit that Social Exposure events tend to be on the more seductive side and I think it’s because I’m a marketer at heart and I know that sex sells. But aside from that, I also feel like the US culture is still pure and conservative and I am all about avante guard and boundary pushing ideas. This year I am focusing on producing some high end events that are actually about putting entrepreneurs together and not so much about the seductive ideas to create a wide spread appeal.
DD: As you know, Domi Dollz is all about educating the public on kink. What is your take on kink?
SG: I think embracing yourself as a sexual being is possibly the most FREEING thing you can do for yourself. I think KINK should be elegant and tasteful and not…well…pornographic because that’s when it gets demeaning. I think one of my kinkiest parties was at the museum of sex where Domi Dollz performed because guests got the chance
to take a KINK MASTER CLASS with the girls and I felt like my guests got super comfortable fast. For me being kinky is also being honest with your partner on what  you want them to do to you or for you….being a little bossy and demanding is VERY sexy.
DD: Do you feel kink is getting more main stream?
SG: Kink is certainly the norm in Europe, US has some catching up to do, but in New York it’s certainly acceptable and i love that.
DD: What is your most favorite kinky outfit that you like to get dressed up in?
SG: My sexy black stockings, a black mini skirt and a loose tank top and really high heels
DD: What would an ideal kinky encounter be like?
A very sexy encounter on a greek island that leads to a summer fling / love affair – both sexy and romantic.
DD: Tell us about your “vanilla life.”
SG: I love staying in my pajamas at home working on my laptop and eating healthy, do a TON of yoga and working out and I won’t lie, I obsess over cute animal videos on YouTube.
DD: What is Social Exposure’s next event?NEXT SOCIAL EXPOSURE EVENT: 
SG: Our next big event is a roof top lingerie pillow-fight party happening June 26th in Midtown West – guests must attend in lingerie ! for updates @ExposingNYC – we post our events regularly
DD: Tell us more Sally Golan!
SG: I’m a total sport junky, love to work out and stay in shape, I just picked up KRAV MAGA and I have a passion for animals. If I had the guts I would be a Vet. I am looking for a man to share my life with but I will take my time with this as I am a picky woman but I am also loyal and loving.