Domi Doll of the Month – February – Nina Payne

February may very well be one of the Domi Dollz favorite months.With Valentines Day being of course the sexiest of all holidays we thought we would help you get in the mood with our Doll of the Month, Kimi Inch aka Ms. Nina Payne.   Kimi Inch is the founder of Domi Dollz and has been practicing the art of kink for more than a decade.  She is a well-respected member of the kink community and has served as a mentor for countless women and couples looking to learn more. Her love for travel has given her the opportunity to share her kink around the world, in places such as London, Japan, and Australia.  This multi-talented Doll is not only an amazing Domme but also a fierce DJ whose Domi Dollz mixes have been seducing our ears for quite some time. We guarantee that after reading this sexy interview you to will be struck by cupids arrow for our lovely Ms. Nina Payne!


DD: What made you want to start Domi Dollz?

NP: I started playing around with the idea of Domi Dollz back in 2007. At this time I was being hired by dungeons in NYC to train their new Mistresses. I would hold intensive 4-day classes that these ladies would have to attend before they were allowed to work.  While I was doing this, many of my vanilla (non-kinky) friends would ask to sit in on the classes because they wanted to learn how to spice things up in the bedroom. I quickly learned that my classes were beneficial to all types and eventually developed into what Domi Dollz is today- bringing Kink to the mainstream.

I liked the idea of bringing together a group of beautiful women who embraced their kinky sides and could use that confidence and knowledge to help educate the public in a positive way.


DD: How does it feel to be living your dream?

NP: I always feel really grateful for my amazing life, and it’s been so rewarding pursuing my dreams. However, there have been (and still is) many obstacles and disappointing moments I have had to face. So many ups and downs. It’s been a huge learning experience that’s for sure, and I cherish it all.  It is a very rare thing to make a living doing something you love. Especially if you are also standing up for something you believe in. I believe in educating the public about kink and will continue to encourage women and men to embrace their sexualities.


DD: What is the most important lesson you would like people to take away from the Domi Doll classes?

NP: Our classes are meant to inspire imagination and help the students embrace their personal power. Sex and Kink are such taboo topics and often people feel very ashamed to express themselves. If I can begin empowering people to think outside the box and to be confident in who they are- that’s all I need. If it also makes their sex lives better- that’s icing on the cake! Lol


DD: What do you consider to be the most touching compliment or thank you from one of your understudies? 

NP: Before one of our classes begin I can see people are nervous and some even tell me they are scared because they don’t know what to expect. By the end of the 1st class people are laughing, clapping, and jumping up to participate. But the most touching compliment I have ever received was, “You have changed my life for the better.” It’s wonderful to see that transformation and I feel very lucky to be a part of it.


DD: How you feel when you are presenting your workshops to the class?

NP: I still get nervous before a class! But I would never let it show because I want my audience to feel comfortable and at ease. I think teaching in any capacity is a great honor and that is exactly how I feel- so honored that people want to learn from me. After the class/show is over- I’m on a high and can’t wait for the next experience.


DD: How has kink added to your personal relationships?

NP: I have always been kinky, even back in high school, and I still have no idea where it came from. When I began learning about kink professionally and begun taking classes and seminars, it felt like something had finally snapped into place. It brought such a confidence to my life and has enriched my personal relationships both romantic and platonic. With that being said, I have never gotten any complaints from girlfriends or boyfriends in the bedroom!


DD: Tell us about one of your kinky overseas adventures.

NP: Oh boy! You know- not one particular thing stands out. I’ve had many adventures in the bedroom, but I normally like to stick to one person and explore and experiment with them over a long period of time. Trust is very important to me, so that’s normally when I feel like a can really let go and get crazy- when I trust the person.

But since that’s such a boring answer I will tell you this: I love mental stimulation during sex, especially dirty talk and role-playing. If you can get in my head- I’m all yours. ;)

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