Domi Doll of the Month – June – Domina Nyx Blake

Here to heat things up this summer is the unbelievably hot Domina Nyx Blake! We are honored to have this amazing woman be a part of the Domi Dollz team and encourage you to read on to learn more:

Domina Nyx is based in NYC. Although she is a professional Mistress, she also maintains D/s lifestyle relationships with multiple submissives, and enjoys being an example of an alternative sexual lifestyle to others who are interested in FemDom and Fetish. She describes herself as a woman of many faces- part siren, part temptress, part girl next door, and wholeheartedly dedicated to openly living her life as sadist, fetishist, and Alpha Female.


DD: How, when and where did you get interested in or exposed to the Kink Scene?

NB: I became interested in the scene at a very early age. I’d always had a desire to explore the options available to me outside of a traditional Boyfriend-Girlfriend relationship; as a teenager, I already KNEW I was a Dominant, a Sadist, and a Fetishist: it was only when I started attending fetish events that I realized there was a whole community of other women like myself. I was thrilled! I embraced my kink openly, and loved playing so much that I decided to become a professional Mistress as soon as I came of age. My early years of training and networking with other people in the scene opened my eyes to a whole new world of fetishes I had never even known about- and to this day, some of those things are the most important pieces of my sexual identity.

DD: What do you like most about being involved in the Kink Scene? Dislikes?

NB: I love the fact that I have the opportunity to introduce other people to such an exciting, unique world. At the same time, that same thing can be tiresome: being as involved as I am, kink has become a huge component of my identity, and I know that sometimes my vanilla friends and acquaintances view me as “that Dominatrix”. It’s fun to share, but it can be challenging to feel like I’m a sideshow at every dinner party I go to with friends who are not involved in Kink.

DD: Has your life changed after being exposed to the Kink Scene?

NB: Absolutely, and for the better. Pursuing my sexuality has “made me whole”, so to speak. I can’t imagine my life without D/s, and wouldn’t want to: for me, every day is an adventure.

DD: Do you feel Kink is getting more mainstream?

NB: Well, I feel the markers and icons of kink are getting more mainstream. I’ve seen a lot of “whips and chains”, leather, latex, and bondage in pop culture (particularly from musicians), but I do sort of wish there was more substance behind it. People tend to think that’s all there is to the scene- and while fancy fetish outfits are fantastic, there is SO much more to it than that. That being said, I did see a fantastic installation by the Cedar Lake Ballet Company last month, and I have never seen latex used so beautifully (as both part of the scenery, and the wardrobe).

DD: How did you hear about Domi Dollz?

NB: My best friend, Miss Mona Rogers, introduced me to the group. I love what the Dollz stand for: education and empowerment, in a highly entertaining and incredibly sexy format. I’m proud to be a part of it.

DD: What is your most favorite Kinky outfit that you love to get dressed up in?

NB: Oh boy…that’s a hard question. As much as I love my corsets, leather, and rubber, my favorite item of the moment is actually lingerie: it’s an incredibly hot slip from Bordelle that’s made out of silky straps that wrap tightly around my whole body, letting a little skin peek through. It’s like being dressed in Bondage! I wear it with black stockings from Agent and a killer pair of Jimmy Choos. It’s my most beloved outfit right now.

DD: Tell us what your most ideal kinky encounter would be?

NB: I like popping cherries (and I mean that in a totally non X rated way)…..there is nothing more amazing than watching the expression change on someone’s face as I take them through a multitude of sensations they have never experienced before.

DD: Tell us a little about your “vanilla” life? What is an average day like for you? What are your hobbies and interests? Do all your friends know that you are involved in Kink? Or is it something you like to keep to yourself?

NB: My average day is almost always super busy. Most of my time is spent either in professional sessions, photo shoots, or playing with my submissives. The little free time I do have for myself is spent working out, getting outdoors, reading (I am a voracious reader!), or working on some kind of project (be it home repairs, making new toys, planning world domination…..). Everyone, including my family, knows I am involved in Kink. I openly broadcast it, and have no problem explaining to strangers just how big of a role it plays in my life.

DD: Anything else you would like to add? Any tips to our readers on how they can get started? Any words to our female audience? To our male audience?

NB: Be brave and pursue your desires- we only have one life, and we should live it to the fullest. If you’re looking to get involved in the scene, get out there- look for educational events, play parties, social networking sites that are related to kink. Talk to people who are involved in the scene, watch others play, get your hands on every bit of reading you can- eventually, you’ll find a place for yourself in this wonderful little world.

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