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(Mistress Kara)


Since we have been working so hard on our 1st book: Kinky Amour, Domi Dollz has been a little hiatus with our Dollz of the Month. Well now we are back on track and featuring a fellow respected kink educator: Mistress Kara! We had the pleasure of working with the gorgeous Mistress Kara at The Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles last August and we have adored her ever since. Not only is she a sex and kink educator but she also brings a lot of theatrics and entertainment into her educational performances. We love her style so we asked her to be one of the contributors of our upcoming book, and she was glad to drop some kinky knowledge on us. Read on to learn more about this amazing woman.


Mistress Kara is a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix, a certified Sex Educator, a competitive wrestler, a stage actor and performer, a promoter of positive debauchery, a connoisseur of kink, and a proud producer of BDSM and fetish adult entertainment. Mistress Kara works with all genders, levels of experience, nationalities, sexual orientations, and ages, as well as with couples, triads, etc., and with the disabled.

DD: How, when and where did you get interested in or exposed to the Kink Scene?

MK: I believe I have been a kinky person since I was first sexually aware of my own body. I became seriously interested in the kink scene when I moved to San Francisco in 2005. As an adult, moving to San Francisco offered me a world where I could be “out” without being judged or condemned. The city offered me endless opportunities to learn all I could about the kink scene. It was there that I established myself as a Professional Dominatrix and where I turned an interest into a real craft, into something intentional and sacred. Soon after moving to San Francisco I enrolled in Madame Cléo Dubois Erotic Dominance Intensive for Women Players at the Academy of SM Arts and shortly after decided that being a Dominatrix was not just my life path but my career path as well.

DD: What do you like most about the Kink Scene? Dislikes?

MK: My absolute favorite part of the kink scene is the incredible level of communication that is the basis of any safe, sane, and consensual power play. My life is incomprehensibly richer and more satisfying now that I have learned to be completely open and honest with myself and with my partners and the entire world. My least favorite part of the Kink Scene is the separatism that is sadly not uncommon among some kinky groups and events. I would like to see less of the superiority mentality in the kink scene and more acceptance of others outside of the scene who are “vanilla” or unsure or curious or new. It can be very intimidating trying to explore a new scene if one is made to feel inferior simply for being a beginner. We all have to start somewhere.

DD: Has your life changed after being exposed to the Kink Scene?

MK: My life has changed completely since being exposed to the kink scene. My relationships to others and to myself get stronger every passing day and I directly attribute much of that progress to the philosophies of the kink scene. When I was younger I was unable to express myself fully, saying taboo things out loud would create terrible anxiety, and I felt ashamed for the feelings and desire I had. My way of thinking was built out of irrational fear. Since I’ve been part of the kink scene I’ve learned to really investigate what will the actual consequences be if I do not conform to the norm, what will happen if people don’t understand me or think I’m weird, what if I embrace my sexual self without shame, if I do as I will yet harm none? Being exposed to the kink scene began this new way of thinking for me and my eyes opened and I have never been happier.

DD: Do you feel Kink is getting more mainstream?

MK: Kink is definitely getting more mainstream. It is inevitable and I believe it should be embraced. It is a good thing! I am proud to contribute to the educational part of the equation and I am doubly proud of all the kinky people I know who are also educators. Teaching one another,  passing the wisdom along…This is the right path. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of kink information making it’s way mainstream via popular media and literature that either disparages kink or paints an unsafe portrait of what the scene is really about. Some have even given the impression that consent and safety are not important when those are actually the MOST important factors when playing with a partner. In fact most serious kinksters are intelligent, compassionate people who genuinely respect their partners.

DD: How did you hear about Domi Dollz?

MK: I first  heard about Domi Dollz several years ago via an email I received that contained an awesome Domi Dollz mix and I have actually used that mix in many of my sessions. Then to my delight and surprise, I recently had the pleasure of working with Ms. Nina Payne during one of her Domi Doll workshops. I have nothing but admiration and respect and love for Domi Dollz.

DD: Tell us a little about your “vanilla” life?

MK: I am fairly 24/7 with kink as it is a huge part of my life and work but I have many “vanilla” interests. I love bicycling, swimming, dancing, camping, hiking, traveling, reading, music, art, theater, and just hanging out and having stimulating conversation with a variety of friends who range from really kinky to really “vanilla.” 

DD: Do all your friends know that you are involved in Kink? Or is it something you like to keep to yourself?

MK: I don’t offer the fact that I am kinky to everyone, but anyone who respectfully inquires will receive a completely honest answer. I am open about my craft, I am visible to the world as a Dominatrix, and I believe it is my duty as well as my honor to help stimulate a positive social dialogue about sexual freedom.


  1. Mitress Kara the best!

  2. Mistress Kara the best!

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