Domi Doll of the Month – March – Natasha Gornik


Domi Dollz is so honored to meet smart, talented and beautiful women all over the world. However, every once in awhile we’ll meet a chick so bad ass, that it take us back to the days of being in high school when we hoped that the cool girl in school would invite us to cut class so we could go smoke behind the gym together. Well that’s how we felt when we stumbled upon Natasha Gornik photography and blog. We were captivated by her words, titillated by her photography, and of course here comes the triple whammy- she’s a hottie too. Domi Dollz is thrilled to spice things up in March and to introduce you to the one of a kind Natasha Gornik.


DD: Domi Dollz loves your blog! How would you describe it? 

NG: its a diaristic mix of my photography and words that has to do with fuck and food and couple things in between.


DD: You have been taking pictures for quite sometime.  What was your inspiration to finally start your blog?

NG: initially it was meant to be a photo blog, a place to post all of my newer images because i am always taking pictures. then i started writing just a little bit, telling a story from my past or thoughts that i have. it was really scary at first, putting myself out there like that. and then one day i just decided to free my mind and the rest followed.  in a big way, i have found myself through the blog through my words. it has been liberating and that’s a dam good feeling.  and every time i think that i have nothing more to say, life gives me something. life is very inspirational.


DD: You have said that Dommes are some of your favorite models to photograph.  Why is that? 

NG: i love Dommes because they are beautiful, intelligent, strong, confident women.  they have always given me a side of themselves, a piece of their true identity. they bring it, they’re real and that really turns me on. and makes for a successful portrait. also, i have a lot of Domme friends and i like to photograph people that i know. and i love kinky women. and they wear the hottest outfits. they’re my kind of superhero.


DD: How were you introduced to the kink/fetish scene? 

NG: when i was young i saw an add in The Reader, a Chicago publication, that started with WORSHIP OUR GODDESS FEET. i was really curious and kind of turned on by it so i called and ended up at the dungeon for “tryouts” a couple of days later. there were three of us on a couch and the owner guy sitting in a chair in front of us holding a video camera. we were in our bras with our cheeks flushed, sitting side by side facing him. come to think of it, the couch was a two seater so we were kinda squished together. we were each given a pair of nude pantyhose and a green plastic army figurine and told to slowly put the hose with the figurine inside of it on as we laughed maniacally. i had no idea what this had to do with being a goddess of foot worship, i had no idea what that meant either, but i had a feeling it wasn’t this. so i did it. a few days later i was doing my first session, mind you with no training. it was a wrestling scene with a man that wasn’t under 300 lbs. i had no idea what i was doing and ended with him pretty much domming me. i did a few more sessions and came to the realization that i wasn’t cut out for domming but i did love everything about it and that is when i began to explore it as a voyeur with my camera. fifteen years later, here i am.


DD: What do you like most about the kink scene? Dislikes?

NG: there isn’t much room for judgement or close mindedness in the kink scene and surrounding myself with people who wave their flags high and proud is a solid way of living. i can’t think of much that i dislike, probably the same shit that everyone dislikes about any scene.


DD: You used to shoot fetish video.  What was that experience like? 

NG: so much fucking fun. i had an amazing job – i would choose a submissive male off the call list who fit a certain interest and then the Domme who was in the shoot and i would create a scene. i would always try and keep it within their fetishes so it wasn’t like anyone was acting on camera, they were doing an authentic session having these real moments and i happened to be a fly on the wall with a video camera. it didn’t always work out that way because i had to produce many a week but when it did it was awesome.  it’s one of my favorite things in the world watching two kinky people really getting into a scene, it seemed so visceral for the submissive and that really turned me on.


DD: At Domi Dollz we embrace our naughtier, alter-egos. If you were a Dominatrix, what would your Mistress name be? Tell us a bit about that woman.  

NG: i love the word incest so they’d call me Incestatia and i’d be your mommy or you could be my daddy. Mommy’s mean and babygirl is spoiled, so either way you bag it i get what i want.


DD: Tell us what your most ideal kinky encounter would be and favorite outfit? 

NG: hmmm, one that i have never done that would rule would be…two women tie me up and tease and deny me for a long long while as they whisper all sorts of nasty in my ear and torture my nipples and  make me suck their hard rubber cocks and rub them against me and then they lay me down and saran wrap me so i can’t move a lick but keep my pussy unwrapped so they can fuck with it and then they rub their bodies on me over the wrap and use feathers and play in front of me and i can’t even touch myself and every so often they put the hitachi on me for like a mili second or slowly insert one finger inside of me but just one stroke and i am just fucking dying and finally one fucks me with a strap on while the other talks dirty in my ear. and then i explode. favorite outfit are assless crotchless Wolford nylons and high heels and nothing else and both of the Dommes are in only fur coats and heels so they begin by rubbing that soft hair up and down my body while i’m tied up. can you tell i’m PMSing?


DD: Being a world traveler, what has been the sexiest place you have traveled so far?

NG: i had some crazy sexy experiences all over Europe, Venice and Berlin and Amsterdam stand out as my favorites. Paris is sexy just because it’s fucking Paris. oh shit, i have to mention Jamaica.  there was this one moment when i was in Negril and we were on the beach and i had just smoked a joint and the reggae music was playing and i was lying there rubbing sunscreen on myself as i watched this beautiful hard bodied man walk out of the sea  and beads of water just ran all over his purple black skin as he slowly made his way through the wet sinking sand it was seriously like in slow motion and i just lay there thinking dam now this is tease and denial.


DD: Tell us a little about your daily life? What is an average day like for you? What are your hobbies/interests?

NG: i fall asleep thinking about my morning coffee so my day starts with just that and i then either have a shoot or work on my art or go look at art or i am traveling or writing. i do photo retouching freelance as well. and i kind of can’t live without music or friends.  i love collecting art books and eating cookies.


DD: Anything else you would like to add? Any tips to our readers interested in getting more involved in the kink/fetish scene?

NG: stay true to yourself, and explore, safely and with an open mind. and have fun, have tons of it. and then have more.

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