Domi Doll of the Month – November – Ms Renee Trevi

What a crazy few days we’ve been having on the East Coast in the States! Seems only appropriate that our Domi Doll of the Month for November be just as crazy. We are excited to introduce our most daring Doll to date: the darling but dangerous Ms Renee Trevi.


Renee Trevi is a professional dominatrix based in NYC. She is also an adrenaline junkie and a world traveler, which means that when she is not in the city, she can be found skydiving, BASE jumping or even shark diving anywhere around the world!

From childhood Renee’s life has been characterized by adventure, flirtation with danger, and desire for radical self-expression. However, since she grew up in a small Russian province, she was quite limited in her options and forced to follow a conventional lifestyle.

When she was 18, she visited US, found it to be her perfect playground and decided to experience the fullness of life in all dimensions.

Her first passion was skydiving. She realized that the dream of human flight can be a reality and it gave her a new feeling for life. To add an extra layer of challenge, push the limits of her ability and further slice the razor slim margin for error, she got involved in BASE jumping – an activity where participants jump from fixed objects and use a parachute to break their fall.

Renee’s stunts and her unyielding approach to life never fail to fascinate. She became involved in a wide variety of dangerous recreational activities which in turn inspired her to travel the world in search of adventure – shark diving in Fiji, ship wreck diving in New Zealand, BASE jumping in Italy and skydiving in Hawaii.

As she became more involved in practicing extreme sports her life moved far from being conventional. In spite of earning an MBA, she wasn’t satisfied by a plain-vanilla office job; she felt too constrained and didn’t have enough leisure time to quench her thirst for adventure.

As a result, she decided that she should start working at what she loves and that is how she got involved in the kink scene. She realized that the NYC kink scene is in its own way living life on the edge, just like a community of adrenaline junkies in a natural environment. Seeing the kink lifestyle as her only chance to preserve her sanity while living in the city Renee became a professional dominatrix, and she just loves her work!


DD: How, when and where did you get interested in or exposed to the Kink Scene?

RT: About 3 years ago a friend of mine shared the “ultimate truth” about his family. He said that he and his wife were actually lifestyle BDSM players and he described to me all the things they did. As a free spirited world traveler and adrenaline junkie, I thought that nothing could ever surprise me… however I was deeply disturbed and thought that this world is going insane! However, unusual things have always attracted me and I found myself slowly getting involved in a scene, trying to figure it out and possibly find some fun things to do while living in the city. I realized that my sexuality had been longing to try more unusual ways of expression… And here I am a professional dominatrix and an active scene player.


DD: What inspires you the most about Kink?

RT: First of all, and this is obvious – it’s never boring! I like to realize over and over again that people have an unlimited imagination. Once you start digging deeper into your hidden fantasies and fears, you’ll be amazed (or frightened?) to learn so much about yourself! It also feels amazing helping others to discover their true sexuality.

People involved in kink scene are usually open minded and not afraid to be fully themselves, which differs tremendously from most plain vanilla people who typically tend to follow certain narrow social roles.


DD: Has your life changed after being exposed to the Kink Scene?

RT: For the first time in my life, I work at something I love! I feel like that brings me closer to my true self, when I don’t have to pretend to enjoy things I don’t.


DD: Do you feel Kink is getting more main-stream?

RT: Definitely, especially after “50 shades of Grey” came out. I honestly hate this book; it’s way too cheesy! However I am happy that more people are now less judgmental about Kink and are more willing to learn.


DD: You are more than just a Domme in the kink scene; we have heard you are also quite the dare devil? Care to comment on your adventurous side?

RT: Adventure plays quite an important role in my life. I skydive every weekend and now have over 600 jumps. I also have almost 100 BASE jumps, which are from bridges, antennas and cliffs. I enjoy scuba diving and snowboarding as well. Thanks to my sports I was able to travel to many places and see natural sights from a totally different perspective. I feel blessed to be able to travel the world and practice my sports.

I feel like extreme sports and kink have one big thing in common – an ability to experience some truly unique sensations.


DD: What are some of your most favorite adventures?

RT: BASE jumping is my favorite; however it’s the most dangerous one.

The feeling of staying at the edge ready to jump, but knowing that you can die, is priceless. It’s terrifying and it’s beautiful at the same time. It’s a torture and it’s a pleasure. It’s very emotional and intimidating.

Once I traveled to northern Italy, to jump at my favorite mountain called Brento. I was standing on the edge ready to jump. I had been preparing myself for this jump and I knew I was ready for it; however I was just terrified. My body didn’t listen to me and I couldn’t make this one step. Standing there was a torture. I spent about 30 minutes trying to jump, and a friend of mine was watching me. Eventually he said “that’s a payback for what you do to your submissives. Look at you; you are here voluntary torturing yourself!”

Once I jumped, all my fears were gone and all I was left with was that unforgettable feeling of true freedom.

Another favorite adventure would be my naked skydive, however it’s another long story J


DD: How did you hear about Domi Dollz?

RT: I was invited to an event at the Museum of Sex and it was fun to watch how Domi Dollz were transforming plain vanilla people into one of us! I think it’s great that our knowledge can be shared in such an entertaining way so that more people learn that kink is not about dirty violent stuff and stop comparing kinksters to pedophiles.

Overall, Domi Dollz are super friendly outstanding people with some interesting stories to share.


DD: What is your most favorite Kinky outfit that you love to get dressed up in?

RT: I love my small latex dress, makes my body look super sexy!


DD: Tell about your favorite kinky activities and why?

RT: I like restraints and sensory play. It can be sensual and meditative, or it can be cruel involving certain elements of torture. Either way the submissive is totally relaxed and surrendered to me, and I can try to guess what is going on in his mind. Resentment or acceptance? Fear or courage? Is he/she thinking something or in his subspace?

I also enjoy some freaky role plays – it can be very entertaining to be transformed into someone I’ll never be in real life, and watch how it changes my sexuality. Kinky elements make players forget their real roles and get very far from their reality.


DD: Tell us a little about your “plain vanilla” life?

RT: My days are never really average; they’re always different and full of surprises. I like to start my day with yoga – it helps my body feel great and balances my mood. I like to be efficient at what I do; I work little but hard, and I party a lot and very hard, hehe J I’m busy with my kinky affairs Monday -Friday, which involves work, fun stuff in the scene and foot fetish parties. I usually go skydiving every weekend during warm days, and snowboarding during winter days. Not to mention that I spend a lot of time traveling.


DD: Do all your friends know that you are involved in Kink? Or is it something you like to keep to yourself?

RT: All my friends know that I’m involved in Kink and I’m super happy that they accept me even if they dislike kink. However I’m being very open about Kink and like to break their stereotypes about.



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