FAQ’s for our Online Workshops




✫What’s the link to the Zoom meeting?

Will be sent to paid guests only


✫Do I need a password to the Zoom meeting?

Yes. I will be sending the password out on the morning of the class to paid participants. 


✫Is this workshop private and secure?

I will do everything in my power in making this event secure so that attendants can feel safe. This class requires a password for entry and will only be given to paid guests. 20mins after the class has begun, I will close the room, so no one else may enter late. 


✫What about personal security? Do I have to turn my camera on?

Empowered consent is core to my classes. You do not have to keep your camera on the whole time to participate in this workshop. However, part of this process is about making a safe container and part of creating a safe container on the web is by having all of us see and meet each other. With that said, you must have your camera on and be seen during group shares. Group shares are just were we come together as a group to share anything thoughts, feelings, comments  or questions anyone may have. If you repeatedly fail to leave your camera on during group shares, you may be removed from the workshop without a refund.

With that said, you may turn your camera off during any experientials or exercises.    

✫May I come to the class alone or should I bring a partner?

You are most welcome with a partner, with friends or on your own! I welcome all people of different sexual identities and I anticipate having a mix of participants. Please note, couples must buy 2 tickets. . 


✫Are children welcome?

No, the age limit is 18 years to participate in this event.


✫Will there be nudity during this class?

While my lessons and demonstrations with my models will not have full nudity, there is an option for participants to be nude while they try out the techniques presented. When nudity is allowed it will be noted upfront & again it will always be at your choice.


✫What do I need to bring?

Although most likely you are at home, it still might be good to have some things ready in advance. These are my suggestions and are not required to participate:
* Water.
* Comfortable clothes for possible movement. Preferably clothing that will give you access to your body and skin.
* Earphones for quality as well as for privacy.
* Comfortable space to move in.
* A chair for sitting or a mattress for laying down. Preferably both!
* A sense of humor, open heart and your curiosity! 

*If you have your own sex or kink toys, you are welcome to have them available to you during the class.


✫Can I take pictures or record the class?

The use of phones, cameras, and screenshots / screen recordings is strictly forbidden in this class.


✫Will this class be recorded?

This class will not be recorded. 


✫Is there anything else I should know?

During this class I will be guiding students through meditations, deep breathing exercises, movements, kinky explorations and making sounds. Please know this is an invitation and not a demand or requirement. If something doesn’t feel right for you, feel free to opt out and just listen/follow along. First and foremost- take care of yourself and do not push past your edge if you are unable in your environment or just not ready.  


✫Who can I contact for more questions?


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