Kimi Talks Kink on Rock Your Life with Amy Edwards



Kimi Inch is interviewed on Rock Your Life with Amy Edwards for Austin 360 Radio.

SURRENDER  is the “Rock Your Life” Podcast topic of the week. In this episode Kimi Inch, aka Mistress Nina Payne, discusses eros, kink, Domination vs submission, control vs surrender with show’s host: Amy Edwards.

Surrender plays a huge role in BDSM. Think about the word BDSM- if you break down this acronym you will find the meaning of it. The BD stand for Bondage & Discipline, the DS in the middle stand for Domination and Submission and the SM at the end stand for Sadism and Masochism. So while kinky play can encompass many different activities and roles – the concept of power exchange is a big component of BDSM. Domination vs Submission – Control VS Surrender.

What can we surrender to, in order to move forward in our lives: To the moment? To what life is teaching us? To our own anger, resentment, or resistance, and what we are being shown in those instances and need to learn? Or maybe do we surrender to the kindness of another? Or to our sexuality? This Podcast can be found:





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