Latest YouTube Video is Out: The Impact of Impact Play!

The Impact of Impact Play


Impact play, or the BDSM practice where one partner strikes another with their hands or a toy for sexual gratification, can sound a little intimidating if you don’t know where to start. But impact play doesn’t have to be extreme or scary!

In this video Kimi Inch (aka Mistress Nina Payne) is back to share information on the beauty of this consensual activity between adults, and how you get to define the intensity of this action, ranging from soft “love tap”s to harder “smack-dat-ass” slaps that can leave a mark.

With already over 6,000 views! This video will cover Impact Play basics and also provides an overview on the many practices of Impact Play: spanking, floggers, and canes – OH MY! Best of all, you don’t necessarily have to be a masochist or a sadist to enjoy impact play. It may be something you use in other parts of your kinky life. Wherever you fall on the spectrum: from light to heavy OR curious beginner or hardcore enthusiast – Impact Play can really upgrade your sensory experience with your partner. Enjoy! 


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