Link To Kink CheckList


Are you ready to talk about kinky specifics? What are your “yes”, “no’s” and “maybes”?  Below is a link to an example of a “Kink Checklist” for you and your partner to go through together. There are so many possibilities and this “Kink Checklist” will help to determine limits, boundaries and interests. The checklist is on a scale of 1-10, where 1 being least favorable or interested and 10 being most favorable or interested. In fact, you may consider a “# 1” being a “Hard” limit, or something you are not interested in at all.  Writing “# 5” could be considered a “Soft” limit, as the person may be interested in trying this activity, depending on the circumstances. A “# 10“can be considered as no limits! The person really enjoys the activity and can do so fully and completely or is really excited to try it.

Stay open minded while going through this list. Just because the idea of an activity doesn’t appeal to you now, your mind may change in the heat of the moment or as trust builds. If you see some activities missing from the list- feel free to add them. And be sure to mark whether you enjoy “Receiving” (R) or “Giving” (G) the activity, or “Both” (B) by marking one of these 3 letters next to your number. After you are finished, compare checklists with your partner.


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