Meet Kimi Inch (aka Ms Nina Payne) – President of Domi Dollz

Kimi Inch (aka Ms Nina Payne) is the Founder and President of Domi Dollz. Originally from California, she has over ten years of experience in the kink scene both as professional and educator. In 2002, Ms. Inch began working at exclusive fetish parties while a DJ and club promoter in Tokyo. After much success in this “kinky” scene, she began to widen her experiences in London, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C, Vancouver, Seoul, Thailand, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

While she worked in varied fields such as fashion, music, and entertainment, her interest grew along with her exposure to the kink scene. Naturally, this took her beyond the entertainment aspect and in 2005 she began holding seminars and intensive training programs. Ms. Inch was hired by New York’s top dungeons to train their new employees and this eventually led her to bring her lesson plans to the mainstream as a way to teach the public ways of enhancing their sex lives through kink. She has lectured at Princeton University and has been featured in the following publications: Time Out NY, BlackBook Magazine, The Wall Street JournalNew York Press, Karin+Raoul Magazine, Asylum, LoveTrekker, The Frisky, AlterNet, RT TV, New York Post, and Business Insider. Her TV appearances include: ABC’s 20/20, ABC’s Nightline, and The Oprah Winfrey Network’s Our America with Lisa Ling.

Kimi Inch, along with Ms Mona Rogers, has written her first book called “Kisses to Kink: A Dominatrix’s Guide to Great Sex”. This eBook brings every element of Domi Dollz world-renowned workshops and events into one book for the public to experience in the privacy of their own home. Kinky Amour is a book for the woman and man looking to enhance their love and sex life through kink. Complete with photography and video tutorials performed by members of Domi Dollz (  Kinky Amour is an introduction into kink and explores everything from communication, psychology, and safety to specific techniques like spanking, bondage and role-playing. This book has been designed to inspire the reader and to help direct her or him to discovering what works best for that individual. Domi Dollz is scheduled to release this book May 2013.


The inception of Domi Dollz is not only the next logical step in her career, but an effort to elevate the world of Kink above the kitsch and cliché that have started to weigh it down. It is her objective to create a world open to exploring sexuality and to bring kink out of the dungeon and into the spotlight.

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