Kimi Inch and Her Kink Therapy Work Featured in the NY Post


“Kimi Inch, a Domme of 15 years who works in Chelsea, found the parallels between sexual domination and emotional healing so strong that she became a certified therapist last year.

‘For me, it felt like a natural progression. Dom work is so much like therapy work already,’ says Inch. ‘[You take people to] really powerful, deep places.’ Today, she holds kink sessions from her Chelsea dungeon, traditional therapy sessions in a separate office in the neighborhood — and a blend of both in what she calls Conscious Kink sessions. For $500, she’ll spend two hours with a client in her dungeon, focusing on the spiritual, psychological elements of domination. Together, they go through breathing exercises, set an intention and verbally self-analyze — even when the session starts to get physical. Those steps toward mindfulness make the time ‘more than exploring their sexual fantasies,’ says Inch.”

For that NY Post article by Hannah Frishberg CLICK HERE!

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