The Beginner’s Guide to BDSM Basics – YouTube Video

The topic of BDSM can be very intimidating to beginners curious to explore more possibilities in the bedroom. However, with movies like "50 Shades of Grey" and TV shows like "Billions" more and more people are interested in finding ways to intensify … [Read more]

The Art of Erotic Exploration class in Austin, TX

This Thurs, join kink expert Kim Inch and relationship coach Liz Davis for an evening of erotic education, entertainment, exploration and empowerment. . Open to women, men and couples of all kinds- this event will be held in a clandestine location … [Read more]

First ever Domi Dollz kink class in Austin, TX!

The Art of Erotic Exploration After forming in 2008 and holding events around the world, Domi Dollz is finally making their debut in Austin, TX with our special brand of erotic workshops!  Embrace your sexy alter-ego and join us at this … [Read more]

New Video! Kinky Sex VS Vanilla Sex: What’s Best For Your Relationship?

Kimi Inch, aka Mistress Nina Payne, is back and in this video she will be discussing the differences between Vanilla Sex VS Kinky Sex. What are these two styles of sex and which is right for you and your relationship? And finally, once and for all, … [Read more]

Kimi Inch and Her Kink Therapy Work Featured in the NY Post

"Kimi Inch, a Domme of 15 years who works in Chelsea, found the parallels between sexual domination and emotional healing so strong that she became a certified therapist last year. 'For me, it felt like a natural progression. Dom work is so much … [Read more]

The Dominatrix Diaries: How I Became A Dominatrix

  Welcome to my Dominatrix Diaries! This series is a look at my life in kink and my journey as a professional Dominatrix. I will be covering all the juicy questions I get asked about my life as a Domme and as a woman in the BDSM community.  … [Read more]

Kink 101: Halloween Edition

Embrace your sexy alter-ego this Halloween season and join us at this playfully, fetish themed workshop. This class is an introduction into the erotic world of kink and will include the basics from psychology to specific kinky techniques including … [Read more]

Video: How To Talk To Your Partner About Getting Kinky & Spicing Things Up

Want to try something sexy and new with your partner? Feel like spicing things up? Or want to talk to your partner about getting kinky? it doesn't matter whether you are an experienced sex God/Goddess or if you're just dipping your toes into the … [Read more]

Priestess Lover Archetype Gathering – Oct 18th

Connect to Your Inner Priestess Lover Archetype and Transform Your Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality. Are you ready to let go of what is holding you back from greater intimacy? Do you want to feel more comfortable in your body? It is time to connect … [Read more]

The Art of Erotic Consciousness – Sept 13th

After forming in 2008, Domi Dollz makes a return with our kinky workshops, but this time we are going much deeper. Combining technique instruction along with an exploration of fantasies and desires - come and experience the depth of true … [Read more]