Priestess Lover Archetype Gathering – Oct 18th

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Connect to Your Inner Priestess Lover Archetype and Transform Your Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality.

Are you ready to let go of what is holding you back from greater intimacy? Do you want to feel more comfortable in your body? It is time to connect your heart and to your 2nd charka. Fully embrace the Priestess Lover Archetype, the beautiful divine feminine, that lives in you and all of us. We, Women, deserve pleasure. We deserve to feel a deep sense of wholeness and love for ourselves, our bodies and our chosen partners. Let’s change and heal our sexual story together.

Sharing & integration circles & study of the Priestess Lover Archetype
Transforming your sex story
Womb and yoni healing
Claiming your voice in relationships & in bed
Beginning Introduction to Ipsalu Tantra
Daily meditation & journaling
Art of Enticement and sexy dance party
Pussy Activation & Osho Fire-breath Meditation
5 organic, yummy meals and farmhouse bed
Closing Co-Created Living Ceremony and Graduation

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