True Tales of Erotica – submission #5 by Lady Cheeky

A special submission from talented (and kinky) writer Lady Cheeky, who has entered into our True Tales of Erotica Competition and we are honored to have her! To see more from this cheeky lady check out her site:



Story by: Lady Cheeky

I find you naked on the bed as I enter the room in my pink slip. No covers. Sitting up. Waiting with a devilish smile on your face.

“Looks like you have something on your mind” I say with a smirk, swaying over to your side of the bed.

“I do.” you answer, mirroring my taunting smile. Climbing on top of you, balancing myself with my hands on your shoulders, ”Do you? And what would that be Mr. Guerre?”. Now straddling you we can speak face-to-face.  I can feel your excitement now and certainly you can feel mine as both our sexes come in contact.

“Well … ” you say,   “first I begin with discovering the best route from each side of your jaw …” Your fingers find each mandible and begin to trace back and forth. “… to that little well you keep at the bottom of your neck …” your fingers begin to fall away, slowly moving along the ridge of my mental foramen descending to each Submaxillary Triangle and then meet at the hyoid bone. Together again, your other fingers join the fray. Your hands, so encompassing around my little neck, begin their exploration of the rest of the journey to your destination. Your thumbs now joined side by side at my Thyroid Cartilage, the rest of your fingers holding my teetering head in place. You could end my life if you chose. Your hands are in perfect position, my body relaxed, limp and guileless. Somehow the deep-rooted instinct to tense in preparation for such an attack has clenched my buttocks much but not much else.

Your thumbs slow and loosen to a graze instead of a drag as you approach your destination “Ah, and right here my Lady … right here would be your Jugular Notch, that little well above your clavicle. So exposed … so sexy …” your head moves forward and your lips just beat your thumbs to the target. A light kiss signals that the expedition has reached it’s zenith. My head has thrown itself slightly back and off-center during this trek and the skin on my neck, already tingling with arousal is made even more sensitive by the stretching of the skin. Your kisses are causing my skin to shiver in slight trembling shudders. Your mouth follows the path your fingers took earlier and makes it’s way up my neck to my jaw. My head back on my shoulders in it’s proper place I can now tilt it expertly so you have clear access to my ear should you decide …. ” Oh!” (you decided) you nip my ear. I smile.

My body is undulating on it’s own on your lap. I have no control over the oscillation of my hips, nor the molten juices depositing on your member. The right strap of my slip has fallen exposing my breast and my taut and rosy nipple. I can sense you notice and begin to attack another area of my body.

“Not so fast Mr. Guerre” my hands remove yours from my shoulders as I fix them behind you. A scarf, furtively placed under your pillow earlier has now been put into play and in no time at all has fixed your wrists together, unable to move … but more frustratingly, unable to touch.

“Arrrgh!” you moan as you flop your back to the headboard. Your game is over now and you know it.

Hopping off you with a little laugh I grab another, longer scarf from the nightstand. “uhhh … ” you say as you curiously watch me grab your muscular legs, spreading them apart and then bending your knees so that the soles of your feet touch each other. “Yes? Have a question Mr. Guerre?” I bind your ankles and your feet together, exposing your jewels to any number of dangers … or pleasures. Rendered speechless and knowing you have little currency with which to win your freedom, you succumb. The control you carry with you day in and day out has been forcibly constrained and is under my command. There is nothing to do but comply and hope that I will be merciful in anything I plan to assail.

Sauntering back over to your side,  my breast still exposed and swaying when I move, your eyes pinned on the pointy and tight nipple you so desperately want to toy with. I can see your tumescent manhood waving – glistening with a combination of both our fluids. Staring straight into your eyes I tease, “Looks like you’ve made a bit of a mess here”. My hands now appearing instantly, fondling your balls, you groan in obvious delight. “Hmmmm …” I mockingly toy with how to take care of the shiny spillage. “Shall I get a towel?”

“No” you grumble

“a tissue?”

“No!” you moan

“Oh! Shall I leave it? is that what you want?”

“NO! Nooooo!” you cry

“Hmmm. Then there’s really no other way …” as soon as I finish my sentence my tongue is at the juncture of your balls and your shaft. My hands holding you in place, pointed and determined it wraps itself all the way around the base of your cock leaving the rest untouched. You shiver and wriggle, “Control yourself Mr. Guerre, I won’t tolerate insolence”, you seem to calm a bit, but under much constraint. My tongue has descended now and made her way to your balls. Encompassing them with my full lips and sucking them into the warm confines of my mouth I can feel the delicate skin and the structure underneath as I flip and dart the flat of my tongue about them, forcing them to gently hit against the lining of my mouth while sucking the air out and pressurizing this personalized cavern for your enjoyment. My fingers are grazing and exploring your ass, probing your star and tickling your taint. Your body is in spasm now and not under your control. I can feel the juice from my slit starting to fall down my thighs, “Mmmmmmmmm” I moan as I suck on those gorgeous balls. The vibration of my moans makes the pleasure almost unbearable. Your legs are thrashing as I continue to moan. My hands now dipping into that sweet nectar between my thighs and bringing their fragrant and sweet taste to your lips. You devour this manna like a starving animal, sucking every last drop from each of my fingers.

I release your balls “good boy, Mr. Guerre” a coy smile and I begin anew on your shaft. Taking the flat of my tongue and again circling around the shaft. My hands again dipping into the well of elixir between my legs and now placing it on your shaft, following the trail left by my occupied mouth. Up and up I work, my hands following suit with steady and firm strokes to compliment my moves. Your body is trembling in expectation of my tongue on your crown … I’m …. just …. about …. there …. and then I stop.

You cry out in defiance and frustration. I lick my fingers giving me a chance to take in my own taste.

“Mmmmmm. Excellent” the flavor and scent seems to send me into a semi-hypnotized sway. My right hand disappears again under my slip and appears again shimmering with my extract, except this time, instead of your lips or mine, I paint it on my still exposed breast. Letting out an unexpected whimper of randiness I begin to slip off the other strap and we both watch as my slip falls to the floor. For the first time you can see my sex. The tuft of hair matted down with my cum, the surrounding bare flesh of my mons and thighs saturated with my broth … and now, the same sweet sight  reflecting off my abundant breasts.  You have no words and the sounds emanating from your mouth are guttural.

Beyond aroused, my movements determined, I clutch your cock in my hands, you watch breathless as my lips meet your crown and as I flick your frenulum with the tip of my tongue your body jerks and your back arches. “Don’t cum yet my love …” my voice sweet but firm “…I have other plans for you”. With that I plunge your cock past my lip wrapped teeth, your cock head now fully ensconced in my snug, warm, wet mouth. My cheeks sucked in so they hug your shaft as your head softly hits the roof of my mouth and plummets fully down my throat. I have tucked you in entirely and you can feel my lips at your balls, my hands at once cradling them and teasing your taint as I begin again. My head rises and your tip pops out of my firm opening and then just as quickly pops back in. In and out. With each successive movement your head thrashes, your body jerks, the timbre of your groans becomes more throaty and gruff. In … out … tease … fondle. I can tell your close as your balls begin to tense. “Not yet, Mr. Guerre …” My movements stop suddenly and I can swear I hear you begin to cry. “… not until you’re inside me and I’m riding you. I want to feel your rigid dick gliding through my tight slit and into my sopping wet, narrow pussy …” with that I hop on top of you. Straddling your hips I take your cock in my hands and rake your head back and forth on my dripping slit “how does that feel Mr. Guerre? Does that feel good? Shall I let you in? Shall I let you lay there while I ride you fast and feverishly?” I taunt

“Yesssssss” you whimper “please, please”

“I see …” I stop dragging your cock between my legs and instead slide down so it now rests between my ample breasts. “Not here?” I move and writhe making a perfect valley for your cock to pillage, a journey made easy by the copius amount of cum from my cunt.

“Arrrggghhhhhh!!!!!!!” You wail

“Oh. I’m sorry. Is this not enjoyable?” I drop your cock immediately and sit up. “ohhhhh I know … of course! How silly of me!”  Straddling you once more, but this time just above your cock (making certain you can rest in between my ass cheeks) I cup my breasts and hold them in front of your mouth, just out of reach. “It’s these you want? Do you want to taste my juice on my tits before I fuck you?”

“Oh yes” you’re eyes wild and darting like a starving man before a feast. “Ok then Mr. Guerre, just a quick taste …” lifting my right breast to your mouth you take me in. hermetically sealed to my nipple, devouring it any way you can, wriggling against your constraints, wanting to grab, pinch, knead and squeeze but my knots are tight ad you cannot break free. Pulling away the sound of pressurized air makes a ‘pop’ sound and your face is contorted -slack-jawed, eyes like a wolf – feral and hungry. As I feed you the left breast your mouth attaches to it like a magnet, sucking and biting and swirling your tongue. My back is arching as my sex throbs and gets even hotter by the second. I can feel myself dripping around your sides and know I cannot wait much longer myself. My hips grinding into yours as my need to have you fill me grows exponentially. My hands on your head guiding your face on my tits. letting you feast on this appetizer before the final course. “Mr. Guerre?” I whisper close to your ear. You are way too busy to answer as my hands glide slowly down your muscular arms to your back, feeling your smooth skin on their way down to meet your bound wrists. You feel me there and know what comes next. Your mouth leaves my breasts and attacks mine. Lips slightly parted, tongue darting, head moving in concert with mine. My hands begin to loosen the knot – your mouth opens taking my lips in your mouth and then moving to my jaw, my neck, my ear. Now it is I that am uncontrollable – writhing and moaning and grinding as if my sheer will could make us join together. You feel the bonds on your wrists slack, and faster than  a rabbit you are free, your hands now on either side of my head furiously pressing into me, devouring my mouth, my face. My hands on your chest, I break away “Fuck me now Mr. Guerre”. With that, you pounce and suddenly I am on my back, my own hands pinned above my head “Oh I’ll fuck you my Lady…” one hand holding my wrists and the other now kneading my breasts as you grind your cock against my clit “I’ll fuck you when I’m good and ready”.

My breath escapes me. My craving at it’s pinnacle. All this teasing has been torture for me as well but you’re not seeing it that way right now, “Can you feel my cock on your clit my Lady? You grind into me again “Can you feel my dick on your wet, swollen, lips?” You mean business.

“Yes, Mr. Guerre”

“Good. Now how about this?” You’re right hand leaves my breast and appears thrusting into my pussy. I jerk in surprise and cant my hips in pleasure. Three fingers plunging in and out “You feel so good my Lady. So soft and wet” taking out your hand to suck on the liquid your eyes close in sweet enjoyment. When they open they are poring into my own and with a quick flash your hands are off my wrists and throwing my legs on your shoulders and then exploring my engorged nether region.

Your fingers trace the  outer lips from the bottom of my slit, slowly up to the top. This is too much to take. Fingers then back down the outer lips then press softly inward and begin to trace the inner lips – ever so lightly back up toward the mons stopping just short of my throbbing swollen clit.  My hands on my head now in sheer ecstasy I can no longer speak. I feel your finger now spreading me wide. the cool air of your breath blowing on my nub is a sensation that drives me wild. the sounds I’m making actually sound like chirping … begging you to take me in your mouth. I look down and catch you staring at me smiling. you’re enjoying this torment. My head flips back. I know I deserve it after the taunting I gave you earlier.

Suddenly I feel the tip of your nose on my button gently nudging it. Just that simple movement sends a pulsing through my pussy. Nudge, nudge … and then … your lips descend. Sucking and licking. Taking my jewel in your mouth and swirling it … flicking it. Then you release and blow more cool air. “Oh my Mr. Guerre!” I whisper. With that, the point of your tongue begins to probe my clit, wagging quickly, pressure firm, my hips off the bed, your hands holding my ass up to your mouth, your tongue motorized, focused, un wavering, tossing my clit back and forth, faster, harder, faster, harder, the way you know I like it. My body begins it’s ascent – first the tensing of all the muscles, back arching even higher, breath staggered and heavy, moaning, writhing … and then … “Oh! Oh! Oh! Mr. Guerre!!!!” The spasms hit. My corporeal being taken away and replaced with something other-worldly, thrashing, screaming, shuddering … You stop your assault, grab my legs above my head and plunge your cock full force into my tumid cunt. I scream in pleasure. Feeling you enter me as my pussy is still in the throes of orgasm is nirvana. Watching you drive yourself into me, grunting, pounding, until you cannot go any deeper. Grinding into me at the perfect angle. With each thrust crashing against my sweet spot making me thrash my arms and hold my body in expectant anxiety. With each sortie of your cock I get closer and closer. With each shriek and bellow your focus intensifies. Both of us close. Words of urging “Come on Babe” and “Fuck it. That’s right fuck it harder!” make it known that any second … any moment both of us will fly away and release ourselves to the other self that lives in the ether.

“That’s it babe … come on! Oh please God! God you feel so good keep fucking me HARDER!”

Until that moment, both our eyes locked and focused on each other when your hips, rigid in expulsion of your juice, screams of relief, joy and euphoria. Both of us clinging to each other to make sure we make the journey together, shaking, tingling and finally collapsing in exultation and pure delirium. Overcome with the phantasmagorical bliss that is our chemistry and has become our nutrition. A sustenance we are no longer able to survive without. A comestible of rare and potent elements, unreproducible, one without a nadir and without a boundary. A viand that has become essential to life, yet impossible to keep up with or maintain. A hunger of irascible impatience that cannot be quelled … until the next time.

… make it happen … make it soon … make it urgent

xox Your Lady Cheeky

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